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Say No to Illegal Butt Pumping

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

Butt pumping.

Say it out loud.

“Butt pumping.”

Just doesn’t have a very glamorous ring to it, now does it? It sounds odd and mysterious, mostly because it is, not to mention extremely dangerous. Yet, “The Daily Beast” reported in October that it’s on the rise among women looking for that perfect, plump posterior.

Illegal butt injections are on the rise, and the potential consequences are scary

The premise is simple. Wannabe healthcare professionals set up shop, as the report explains, in their basements, or in shady hotels and inject black-market-acquired silicone into the patient’s gluteal region. Somewhat amazingly, some of these faux doctors create instantaneous attractive results. In the interim, the patient is left with exactly what he/she wanted: a high, round, plump butt on a Kardashian-like scale.

What the patient doesn’t know is what lies ahead. The untrained professionals performing these to-good-to-be-true injections don’t care to tell their patients – or maybe they don’t know themselves – that the silicone that was just introduced into the body will fall with gravity into the hips and eventually lower legs. The butt will be so traumatized that it could very well be left with permanent swelling and tenderness. In some cases, death is a very real possibility.

And when all that happens, where do these patients go? Who do they hold accountable? Good luck finding the guy who shot up your butt with illegal silicone in the back of the Motel 6 out the outskirts of town. Who knows where he is now? And even if you manage to find him, what can you do to him? Did he keep a record of the procedure? Did you pay him cash? Proving he was the one responsible can be difficult without a paper trail.

Always see experienced professionals. We’re the ones with licenses hanging on our walls.

That’s why as doctors, our credentials and capabilities are continually reviewed by our local governments. That’s why our licenses hang on our walls, so they can be taken away if we don’t follow the rules.

But here’s the best news of all when it comes to butt enhancement: You don’t have to rely on underground silicone butt injections. We have perfectly legal, well-established, affordable ways of giving you the butt you desire. In fact, revolutionary new fat transfer butt enhancement techniques have been perfected by cosmetic surgeons just in the last few years. And while not as popular, butt implants can be perfect for the right candidate.

As cosmetic surgeons, we understand that money is tight in the current economic landscape, which is why prices of cosmetic surgery have come down dramatically during the last four years. I honestly don’t know what these underground butt pumpers charge, but here’s the golden rule…if it sounds like the price is too good to pass up, pass it up. Initial savings only equal additional expenses down the road, both monetarily and mentally.

Saving a bit of money in the short term can mean a lifetime of agony

Imagine the hospital bills when the silicone, which is most likely unsterile, enters unwanted areas of the body and causes infections en masse. And think about the mental anguish of never being able to comfortably sit in a chair ever again. No amount of savings can be worth a lifetime of discomfort.

I leave you with this advice: Come see us at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute if you’re thinking about enhancing your butt or any aspect of your look. Trust only the well-trained and experienced professionals with your precious body.

If you have a question for Dr. Tcheupdjian, you can always contact him by filling out our online form. Click here to fill out the form.

-Dr. Leon Tcheupdjian, M.D.

-Leslie Forrester, R.N.

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