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Can We Learn a Lesson in Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine From … Benjamin Franklin?

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

When the famous statesman Ben Franklin said, “A stitch in time saves nine,” he was basically explaining to people that if you have a small hole in your sock you can fix it quick with one stitch … or you can let it go and it will quickly escalate into a larger issue. Franklins’s words were simply a metaphor.

His message was clear: Jump on an issue with an early solution, and you save yourself precious time, effort and even money in the long run. How true this was and still is today, especially when we think about cosmetic surgery and medicine. As the founder and medical director of the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, and I can’t begin to tell you how many patients I see who would be better of tackling something small that bothers them when they look in the mirror, but they wait too long, and that little nagging issue has evolved into something bigger, more nagging and ultimately a more expensive fix.

New cosmetic medicine technologies are here, take advantage of them

Today in cosmetic medicine we have all kinds of new technologies and techniques that are perfect for the person who plans ahead. Just this year we have several new procedures to our practice that will make you look and feel better about yourself. They’re all simple, non-surgical procedures that can go a long way to improving your everyday life.

With Thermi RF, we can effectively remove fat and effectively tighten the remaining skin using simple radio frequency technology. The results have been phenomenal.

The new Pixel CO2 skin resurfacing laser achieves results I once could only dream of. Acne scars. Skin blemishes. Sun spots. Smoking lines. The Pixel CO2 laser is the answer for all these common side effects of aging.

With the FemiLift, we are proud to finally offer our female patients a real solution for increasing sexual stimulation. The FemiLift treatment effectively tightens the vaginal wall, which increases sexual stimulation and curbs urinary incontinence.

Why stop there? What if we could tighten the vaginal wall … and increase clitoral stimulation during sex? Well, now we can with the O-Shot. Using a sophisticated, yet simple injection featuring isolated platelet rich plasma from your own blood, we can increase orgasmic stimulation.

With the Vampire FaceLift, we can confidently say that the future of medicine has arrived. By successfully isolating the key growth factors in your own blood and injecting these grown factors back into specific areas of your body, we can restore your skin’s youthful appearance.

By taking advantage of these new solutions to age old issues, you can significantly increase your quality of life. Science has recognized that the beauty industry is very lucrative, and the more convenient and affordable the procedures become the more the patients will seek them out. That’s exactly where we’re at right now.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Whatever you see … we can help.

I am constantly searching for new and unique products to provide our patients and our staff with the newest, the best, and even the most economical ways to please our patients and to help them achieve their goals. We recently had a patient come in for liposuction and we ended up performing cool sculpting…one hour later the patient was back in her office working, while her body will continue to lose fat and size over the next three months.

Another patient came in and was thinking about a facelift, but she ended up going with Thermi RF, which saved her thousands on the procedure and the next day she was back at work. I could go on and on, but I urge you to visit our office to create your own success story.

Schedule your free consultation today.

All of these new techniques and technologies allow our doctors, nurses and estheticians the opportunity to serve you at any of our four Chicagoland locations in Chicago’s Gold Coast, Oak Brook, Arlington Heights and Naperville. Benjamin Franklin also said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” I think this was worth writing, because I know if you’re reading this I can help you. I’ll see you for a consultation some time soon.

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