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BodyTite in Chicago

The experienced team of physicians at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Chicago have again added to their already impressive offerings with BodyTite from Invasix.

Body Tight Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction

BodyTite is a treatment that permanently removes stubborn fat using intense radiofrequency heat energy. In addition to the fat reduction, the heat energy also allows for loose skin surrounding the treatment area to shrink and contract, which promotes tighter, more fit looking skin. This minimally invasive procedure offers results that were once only glimmers of hope in the eyes of cosmetic surgeons. Now, real fat reduction and skin tightening results are possible with a minimally invasive procedure. Read through the FAQs below for further information on the BodyTite from Invasix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s a good candidate for BodyTite Liposuction?

All male and female patients who hope to attain a defined, contoured build with tighter and more youthful looking skin are great candidates for BodyTite.

How is BodyTIte liposuction performed?

BodyTite is a minimally invasive permanent fat reduction treatment. Minimally invasive means there is a tiny incision that allows for a probe to enter the treatment area. After your medical provider numbs the treatment area a specially diluted comprised of saline and epinephrine is injected to create hydrodissection and loosen the fat cells. A thin, bipolar probe exclusive to Invasix, with a radiofrequency electrode attached to it, is passed beneath the skin through the tiny incision. The radiofrequency is delivered via the electrode with fine precision beneath the skin. The radiofrequency heat energy melts the fat cells in the treatment area. A second pass is made with the electrode in an effort to contract and loosen the connective tissue. The treatment continues with more consecutive passes, which contract and tighten the skin and restore the youthful look of your skin.

How long does the BodyTite procedure take?

This depends on the areas of the body being treated, but most treatments take about one safe, painless hour.

What type of anesthesia is used during BodyTite?

Typically, only local sedation is needed (lidocaine). General anesthesia is also an option that you can discuss with your medical provider.

>How big are the BodyTite incisions?

The incisions are very thin and tiny, about only two to three millimeters, or barely a quarter of an inch long. These tiny scars left behind typically disappear with time.

Where are there incisions placed?

The incision are hidden inside skin creases. Since they are very tiny they will vanish with time.

How long lasting are BodyTite results?

Results are long lasting, usually more than 10 years, as long as topical home treatments of therapeutic skin tightening ™ are used and periodic maintenance, including non surgical treatments such as ThermiSmooth™, are followed.

Is there any pain or discomfort during the BodyTite procedure?

No, since numbing with local anesthesia is used prior to the procedure.

How many sessions of BodyTite are recommended?

Usually surgical procedures are done only once, but it can be repeated if additional skin tightening is needed.

Can you explain the radiofrequency procedure in layman’s terms?

Here’s an analogy that helps most people understand this principle. Think about what a steak looks like before and after you cook it. After, it has shrunk to about half its size, correct?

The heat of the oven shrinks the water and coagulates the protein molecules of the steak. In your body, three distinct anatomical layers transform after a radiofrequency heat energy treatment. First, fatty pockets disappear because the heat energy has melted them. Then, skin and the underlying connective tissues, like a slinky, will contract as a result of the release of the intense bifocal radiofrequency energy. Lastly, the skin molecules will contract and adhere to a tighter shape, which improved loose hanging skin.

Will the fat ever come back after treatment?

No. Once fat cells are destroyed they can never come back, but that doesn’t mean the fat cells left behind can’t expand and contract. And as we age our metabolism and youthful levels of hormones decline. This means you should always exercise and maintain a healthy diet after surgery.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes, definitely. Radiofrequency is a common component of many cosmetic treatments.

Is BodyTite by Invasix FDA approved?

Yes, BodyTite has been cleared by the FDA, and Invasix has patented their RFAL™ (radiofrequency assisted liposuction) instruments.

How much downtime is associated with BodyTIte?

Usually about one day of discomfort should be expected.

What are the key benefits of BodyTite?

BodyTite is a single, safe procedure that eliminates undesirable fatty bulges and tightens, lifts and firms the overlying skin anywhere on the body.

Who does not qualify as a patient?

Anyone who is currently pregnant, has an active infection and/or illness, and anyone who is on a blood thinner.

Where is the BodyTite procedure performed?

BodyTite is performed in one of our on-site surgical suites.

What are some of the risks associated with BodyTIte?

The common risks associated with this procedure are bruising, swelling and temporary discomfort. Other risks are rare but include infection, asymmetric healing, irregular skin appearance and transient numbness.

Will there be scars after surgery?

The tiny thin incisions heal and vanish with time, but this depends on your skin’s healing ability and not the surgery itself

What does BodyTite cost?

Expect BodyTite to cost anywhere between $2500 and $5000, depending on the areas treated. Affordable financing is available. The cost of the entire procedure includes consultation, pre-op visits, surgeon’s fee, OR costs, anesthesia fee, anesthesia supplies, OR supplies, recovery room charges, and all post op visits.

What do I do before surgery?

You must be healthy. Stop blood thinners of any kind, especially aspirin and all anti inflammatory medications two weeks before surgery. Alcohol drinking and smoking may enhance bleeding and delay healing. If high blood pressure or diabetes exist they must be under proper control.

What do I do after surgery?

Rest, no exertion, for few days. No aspirin. Avoid smoking. Avoid dirt, dust and contamination by keep the incisions clean. Keep fingers away, avoid touching and rubbing. Remember, the dirtiest part of your body are the fingers. Use the special antibacterial body wash for your daily showers, which we will provide for you. We also recommend postoperative ultrasound treatments, which will help expedite reduction of swelling and bruising.

Are there any complimentary skincare products or supplements associated with BodyTite?

Yes, we recommend:

Recovery pack™

Body scrub™

Therapeutic Skin tightening lotion™


Do I need maintenance treatments after surgery?

Yes, we recommend ThermiSmooth™ as a complementary treatment to BodyTite.

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