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Hand Rejuvenation

HAND rejuvenation in Chicago, age spots on hands

Did you know when we meet each other the hands are the second feature we notice in one another, behind only the face?

It goes back millions of years, when humans first met other humans for the first time. Facial aggression was noted first, then the hands were checked for any signs of weapons. Today, we focus almost exclusively on the face for cosmetic improvement. Yet, one of the most true and accurate age revealing body features is our hands. Do your hands give away your age?

As we age, our hands undergo atrophy (shrinking) and begin to look bony and skeletonized. Plump, youthful, smooth skin begins to disappear, and instead appearance of fragile, protruded veins and tendons take over. Prolonged sun exposure over time creates thin, flecked skin with unsightly brown spots. No matter how many visits you take to the manicurist, she will not be able to address your old, aged hands.

Do you wish you had smoother skin on your hands and the brown spots could just go away? Are you aware of the detrimental effects of the environment on the hands?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from hand rejuvenation in Chicago?

  • Those who want beautiful, youthful hands and fingers
  • Those who want to improve crepey skin texture of the back of the hands and fingers
  • Those who have bony, deflated back of hands with bones, joints and tendons showing
  • Those who have veiny hands with large dilated veins and bruises
  • Those who have brown age spots and sun damage

Where do I start to get rid of my old looking hands?

Now it is time you seek advice from the expert staff at Chicago’s premier cosmetic surgery center, The Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute.  We believe  your face and your hands should be the center of your attraction, and we will aid in delineating your skin care and treatment plan to turn the clock back of not just your face but your hands too.

How do I get rid of bony hands?

Volume replenishment will do the job. Wear and tear of the small joints of the hands has given you thickened knuckles and sunken spaces between your metatarsal bones (he t5 bones that make up your hands). Filling in these spaces will improve the appearance of the hands.

What are my options to add volume to the back of my hands?

  • Fat transfer to the back of the hands. This in-office, no downtime procedure involves extracting small amount of unwanted fat from your body, which is then transferred painlessly to your hands. This may need to be repeated in two to three years. This option provides an excellent, smooth result.
  • PRP Therapy. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from blood drawn from you and either injected directly to your hands or mixed with fat or other fillers and then injected in your hands. An additional dose of PRP is injected directly into the skin on the back of the hands.
  • Radiesse is a liquid calcium filler that is painlessly injected into the back of the hands with tiny needles and then massaged. The Radiesse is spread evenly over the entire back of the hands. Two or three vials per hand may be necessary for an optimal result. It also may need to be repeated yearly.
  • Sculptra and other soft tissue volumizer  Poly-L-Lactic acid (PPLA). This painless, in-office procedure is quick and safe for hands, as well as face. Patients may need three or four sessions of Sculptra spaced a few weeks apart. The result are long lasting, up to three years

How to get rid of brown age spots and discolorations on the hands?

The hands are usually forgotten when applying sunscreen and your hands will show sun damage in the form of brown spots. Specific lasers can remove brown spots, such as:

  • The Pico or Lutronic Spectra lasers
  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL) such as Lumenis IPL or Sciton BBL are used to eliminate these pesty spots over the back of the hands.
  • Resurfacing erbium, or carbon dioxide lasers, are very effective for overall texture improvement and tightening of the skin
  • Chemical peels to remove some brown spots and improve skin texture and laxity

How do I get rid of veiny hands?

The simplest way is a treatment called sclerotherapy, which is the painless injection of a liquid sclerosant into the veins that causes the collapse and closure of the veins

How long does it last or stay?

The injected fillers or fat will last longer than elsewhere because the skin over the back of the hands is less mobile than the skin over the joints

How long will a hand rejuvenation procedure take?

Laser and filler treatments usually last between 15 and 45 minutes, but fat injection may take longer since fat needs to be harvested from your body first.

How soon can hand rejuvenation results be noticed?

Usually immediately.

How many sessions of hand rejuvenation are required?

Filler injection into the hands may require yearly maintenance, however fat injection into the hands may not need a second procedure for some time, probably several years.

What is the downtime associated with hand rejuvenation.

None if fillers are being injected. Same goes for lasers because they are non-surgical  procedures. A fat transfer may take a few days for the minor incisions to heal.

How many vials of Radiesse do I need to fill my boney hands?

In our extensive experience a minimum of one 1.5 mL of Radiesse is necessary to fill the dorsum (backside) of one hand.

Is it painful?

No, many fillers contain lidocaine, which makes the procedure painless

What other procedures can be at the same time?

Hand rejuvenation by fat injection is a common procedure performed during a face lift, eyelid lift or liposuction.

What products I should use to optimize my results

Solaris ™ to protect against sun damage and Silk hands ™ as an antioxidant rich moisturizer

What is the cost?

That depends on the type of treatment, but expect to pay anywhere from  $700 to $2500.

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