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Buttock Implants

Buttock implants also called Gluteal augmentation by Silicone buttock implants.

Balance is key, the shape of our butt is due to by the fullness of three muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Butt implants are used to fill out the buttock area, and the implant is specifically placed to enlarge and augment the gluteus maximus muscle area producing a more attractive and desirable shape to the glutes. Natural anatomy can contribute to lack of adequate projection of the buttocks. Additionally, the buttocks are an area that retains some body fat which contributes to the prominence of the buttock cheeks.

Although the buttock implant surgery may appear to be a fairly straightforward procedure, in reality it has many technical aspects and it may be performed via by various approaches, depending on the surgeon’s expertise and skill. This type of operation involves placing an implant that is made of formed and semi-solid yet soft silicone in the gluteus maximus muscles of buttocks to improve size, shape, contour and appearance of the glutes.

Algird R. Mameniskis, MD, a board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon at the Liposuction and cosmetic surgery Institute of Chicago, Illinois, places these implants through a single, well-hidden incision that, when healed becomes virtually unnoticeable to the naked eye. In summary, the implant is placed permanently under the layers of gluteus maximus muscle and fat.

The vast majority of patients who undergo a buttock augmentation procedure say the new, curvy butt, along with its “wow” factor is worth it. “ I wish I had done it years earlier.” is the sentiment that is frequently expressed to the staff during follow-up visits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any danger of breaking or leaking of butt implants?

No, since the implants are semi-solid silicone, there is no danger of leaking or migration of silicone.

Do I sit on the implants after the surgery?

No you will not sit directly on the new butt implants after the procedure . The butt implants are actually placed higher up than the bone you sit on in the buttocks.

About the types of buttock implants

  • The implant is either oval, the so-called “anatomic” implant or round, similar to the shape of breast implants. The surface of the buttock implants can be either either smooth or textured.
  • Neither the shape nor the surface texture of the buttock implant makes much of a difference in the appearance nor the final result.
  • The silicone consistency inside the implant can be either semi-solid silicone or cohesive silicone gel. We prefer the semi-solid silicone. The semi-solid implants do not rupture, spill, nor deflate. We usually place the smooth, round or anatomical buttock implant.

Location of the incision

The buttock implant incision can be placed in several locations, but in our experience the ideal location for the incision is down the center of the tailbone “sacrum”. That’s a small about 1/2 inch vertical incision in the buttocks crease concealed by the buttocks cheeks.

Many ask if it is above or below the muscle. Our preferred choice is to place the implant within the gluteus maximus muscle. This is because the intra-muscular placement has many advantages:

  • It gives the implant more architectural support and prevents it from inadvertent migrating too far down the buttock.
  • Together with the fat, it gives an extra layer of coverage hence it has a better feel and touch compared to the implants placed above the muscle.
  • The rich blood supply of the buttock muscles preserve the implant free of infections and added benefit of the muscles’ protective capability.

Who is the best candidate for silicone butt implants?

Usually those individuals who do not have sufficient body fat to qualify for Brazilian buttock lift.

What are the buttock implants made of?

They are made out of formed silicone implants. Silicone implants have been available in the past 60 years. Buttock implants are not in liquid form and thus are not similar to breast silicone implants. They are semi-solid and are firmer than breast implants.

What is buttock reduction and contouring?

This is the most commonly requested procedure. It is usually achieved by various Liposuction techniques, such as Tumescent Liposuction, Vaser Lipo or LASER Smart Lipo. If problem is includes dimples or dents then Cellulaze LASER Lipo is additionally performed.

A specific condition knowns as steatopygia where there is extensive fat and massive fibrous tissues intermingled resulting is an undesirable and sometimes grotesque buttock deformities are treated similarly by Vaser Lipo.

To learn more information about the Brazilian butt lift or any other gluteal enhancement procedure contact our office of experienced certified Doctors at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute. Our four cosmetic plastic surgeon offices are located in Chicago and suburbs. Call (847) 259‐1000 to inquire about a private consultation.

Is a buttock implant procedure affordable?

Yes! The entire procedure starting with a free consultation, and including the surgery, anesthesia, operating room fee and all the post-operative care is about $4900-$7000. Financing is available.

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