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10 Reasons Your Own Fat is the Best Cosmetic Filler

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

1. Your fat is autologous

This means that with fat transfer you are both the donor and the recipient. It is from you to you.  Therefore, the treatment cannot cause an allergic reaction or “ rejection,” which could happen with the use of artificial fillers or someone else’s fat.  For most of us, the fat is easily found in abdomen, hips or thighs, and we are happy to be rid of and recycle some of it.

2. Your fat is permanent

There is every reason to believe that placement of autologous fat is permanent, unlike temporary fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse, which need to be repeated after a number of months. I, Dr. Leon Tcheupdjian, M.D., have been following my patients for many years, and photos show retention of grafted fat 10 years or more after placement. That kind of lasting result is impossible with any other filler.

3. Your fat is easily sculpted

Unlike traditional silicone or saline breast implants, fat can be used to sculpt the shape of the cheeks, chin, breasts or buttocks to the patient’s individual needs or desires.  One breast or buttock is usually larger than the other, or shaped slightly differently.  Fat can be placed exactly where needed to make the cheeks, breasts or buttocks or more symmetrical.  It can be used to fill areas where tissue is lost as a result of accident, scar, burn, birth defect, malformation and/or tuberous breasts.

Fat can also be used to enhance the cleavage, fill out empty sacs left by weight loss or breast-feeding, or to hide the edges of visible artificial implants.

4. The incisions are so small they are rarely visible

The incisions used to harvest the fat, as well as those made to insert the cannulas for fat transfer, are small. Incisions are usually hidden in natural body folds, the corner of the mouth, the eyebrow, underneath the breast, etc.

5. Your own fat feels natural

Transplanted fat feels just like your normal body tissue.  It is impossible to tell, both visually and by touch, transplanted fat from fat in other areas of the body like the breasts, face or buttocks visually or by touch.  Likewise, it feels and looks natural.

6. Your fat is abundant in your body

With the use of other fillers sometimes you can be saddled by limitations, in terms of amount of product used and where the product can be used. Because fat is so abundant in your body, it can be used virtually anywhere and the proper amount deemed necessary for effective treatment is normally accessible.

7. Your fat is free

Remember, your fat already belongs to you. It’s already in your body. Popular fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are manufactured in laboratories all over the world, which means it costs money to produce, market and distribute. Those costs are all passed onto you, the patient. You do not have to purchase your own fat because it already belongs to you. I’ve done fat transfer/grafting on patients and used 1000ml of fat. That would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of plant-manufactured filler. No joke.

8. You, as the patient, get twice the benefit

First, we get rid of your unwanted fat in areas where you need fat reduction. Then, we use the recycling power of your own fat and stem cells to sculpt, rejuvenate and enhance a completely different area of the body. With liposculpture, not only do you achieve correction or enhancement of the area of concern, but you also lose unwanted fat from your donor sites.

9. No artificial filler can match the power of your own stem cells

The transferred fat is rich with your own stem cells. Precisely, the stem-cell-rich stromal cells and fat cells are being recycled and transferred back into you the recipient. These new stem cells transfer give remarkable results in the form of not only longevity, but also by improving texture and quality of the skin, in both your face and breasts for instance.

10. Safety

Think about it. It just makes sense. You don’t have to worry about foreign objects, implants, substances. None of that. The Result of stem-cell-rich  fat transfer not only rejuvenates you anatomically but also physiologically

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