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LaseMD Laser in Chicago

LaseMD is a facial skin rejuvenation, revitalization and resurfacing fractional laser treatment that takes cosmetic laser treatments to an exciting new level. The fractionating aspect of the treatment creates microchannels in the dermal layer, which wake up the body’s healing process and promote skin rejuvenation from the inside out. The body’s natural healing system heals skin using collagen and elastin. By creating controlled damage on the skin, the brain senses this damage and kickstarts the creation of new elastin and collagen in the microchannels. This promotes new, healthy looking skin that can reverse years of natural skin damage and aging. The LaseMD treatment takes it to yet another level by introducing rejuvenating serums to the microchannels, which further enhance the creation of new collagen and elastin. See below for further answers to frequently asked questions about LaseMD.

What can we treat with LaseMD?

  • Skin rejuvenation (beautify, clarify, and renew existing skin)
  • Anti-aging (reverse the signs of aging)
  • Wrinkle prevention
  • Brightening dark spots and skin blemishes
  • Melasma
  • Skin laxity (tightens loose skin)
  • Acne scars
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Actinic keratosis (precancerous lesions)
  • Hair loss
  • Sun damage and other skin spots
  • Décolleté care

Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian

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Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of technology does the LaseMD utilize?

The LaseMD is a non-ablative 1927 Nanometer Thulium Laser.

What parts of the body can LaseMD treat?

Most commonly the LaseMD is used on the face, but other parts of the body can benefit from a treatment as well. Basically, anywhere on the body where skin blemishes, concentrated loose skin, crepy skin, and/or aged-looking skin is apparent, LaseMD can help the appearance.

How long does a LaseMD treatment take?

This can ultimately depend on the areas being treated, but expect one treatment to take between 30 and 45 minute.

How soon after a LaseMD treatment are results apparent?

Full results are usually noticeable within four to six weeks after treatment. Remember that the LaseMD treatment promotes rejuvenation of skin. This process takes time, so patience is key as you await your full and optimal result.

How much downtime is associated with a LaseMD treatment?

None, since the LaseMD is a non-surgical treatment.

What are the key benefits of a LaseMD treatment?

The ultimate goal of any LaseMD treatment, in general, should be rejuvenated skin with a youthful glow. This can be achieved by brightening uneven pigmentation, tightening concentrated areas of loose skin and eliminated blemishes caused by aging and sun damage.

How many sessions of LaseMD are required for optimal results?

We usually recommend between two and four LaseMD treatments for optimal results.

How far apart should LaseMD treatments be spaced?

We usually recommend between four and six weeks.

Is the LaseMD treatment painful?

Most people do not feel any pain at all, just a slight tingling of the skin. Also, do not expect any residual pain after treatment.

How long do the results from a LaseMD treatment last?

Results can last quite a while, years, but only if you take special and great care of your skin in the months following treatment. Facial sunscreens (we recommend our in-house Solaris Day) should be used daily to prevent harmful sun damage.

What other procedures can be at the same time as LaseMD?

To take your LaseMD treatment to the next level, upgrade your treatment to the “Total Skin Solution.” Click here to learn more about Total Skin Solution.

What other treatments can be done in the months following LaseMD to enhance the results?

Many patients will enhance their results using platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments. PRP is extracted from your own blood using a special process, applied to the skin and left to stimulate added production of collagen and elastin. We can also use special ampule serums (multi-nanosome granulated serums), which keep active components thriving in the dermal layer.

Here are the some of the ampoule choices:

VC AMPOULE (ASCORBIC ACID) This is one of the strongest naturally occurring antioxidants that promotes healthy collagen and elastin synthesis. It also helps to rejuvenate sun damaged skin.

VA AMPOULE (RETINOL) This retinoic acid, which is proven to naturally rejuvenate your skin to a more youthful appearance and helps the epidermis to generate healthy young cells.

TA AMPOULE (TRANEXAMIC ACID) This helps skin brightening, particularly for those patients with melasma.

RS AMPOULE (RESVERATROL)  This is a naturally-occurring polyphenol, plus hyaluronic acid. It helps fight against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays (sun damage).

What products should be used to optimize LaseMD results?

After the treatment is over we will provide you with your own activated serum (ampoule) for you to apply on your skin daily until all the serum is consumed. Then you will start your very own skin regimen. We recommend:

What does one session of LaseMD cost?

Expect each session to be between $750 and $1200 per session, depending on the areas being treated. Using PRP or Total Skin Solution in conjunction with LaseMd is extra.

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