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ThermiRF Lift

ThermiRF is an in-office, minimally invasive surgical procedure that utilizes the skin-shrinking power of radio-frequency (RF for short) for beautification of the face, neck and jawline.

This radio frequency heating technology promotes tighter, smoother, healthier looking skin.

ThermiRF LIFT of the Face

Also known as ThermiTIGHT,  ThermiRF of neck, or Thermi-Aesthetics.

What are the benefits of the ThermiRF treatment?

ThermiRF is a mini-surgical, in-office procedure addressing loose skin of face, hanging double chins, turkey necks and sagging jowls. While most commonly used as a facial treatment, other body parts can also benefit from the ThermiRF technology, such as loose skin of arms, abdomen, thighs, knees, male chest and/or back rolls.

Who can benefit from the ThermiRF treatment?

Those who desire tighter skin of lower face and neck a better definition of their jawlines can benefit immensely.

What is the process that goes into the ThermiRF procedure?

A thin and tiny probe is introduced through the dermal layer via a few inconspicuous entry. Radio frequency energy is delivered throughout the dermal layer via the probe. The end result is controlled skin shrinkage and tightening that lasts longer than most other procedures in the aesthetic world.

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Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian

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Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ThermiRF procedure time?

A typical ThermiRF procedure takes about one hour. non-invasive. No downtime.

What type of anesthesia is used?

Typically we use only local lidocaine during the ThermiRF procedure.

How many sessions of ThermiRF are required?

Only a single session is required. Results are long lasting.

What is the downtime associated with the procedure?

ThermiRF is a non-invasive treatment with little to no downtime. Usually after about one day you’ll feel close to normal. There may be some slight bruising post treatment, which is normal.

What are the key benefits of the ThermiRF procedure?

ThermiRF is a single, safe procedure that tightens, lifts and firms the skin with proven results. The goal is to enhance definition of the jawline, chin, lower face and the neck area.

What does ThermiRF cost?

ThermiRF starts at $2000 for first body part and incrementally goes up as body parts are added.

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