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Chin Implants

Chin implants in Chicago

Also known as Chin Augmentation or Mentoplasty, a chin implant is used to enhance and define the facial contour, side profile and silhouette of a weak chin. The results are usually immediate and visibly dramatic, pleasing and natural, yet subtle at the same time.

What is a chin implant?

A chin implant is a small alloplastic chin shaped silicone implant available in various sizes and shapes. The chin implant is placed inside the chin to enhance side profile and the silhouette of a weak chin. It is usually combined with liposuction of neck or nose surgery when needed to further improve the face. The results are usually immediate and visibly dramatic, pleasing and natural, yet subtle at the same time.

Who is a chin implant for?

Anyone who desires an improvement of side view of face and neck can benefit from a chin implant.

What are the key benefits?

It is a single, safe procedure that augments the deficient or aging silhouette of the face. A chin implant may be combined with rhinoplasty (nose job surgery) or neck liposuction to further improve the face. It is dramatically pleasing when done with neck procedures as THERMI-RF or our Soft faceliftTM. The goal is to enhance definition of the chin area and tighter appearance of the neck and jaw definition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be An Incision With A Chin Implant?

Yes, But The Incision From A Chin Implant Will Be Less Than An Inch In Length And Will Be Under The Chin Hidden In The Chin Crease. In Some Cases, Surgeon Can Hide The Incision In The Mouth.

How Is A Chin Implant Done?

After The Concealed Tiny Incision In The Natural Crease Of The Chin, The Soft Silicone Shaped Implant Is Inserted Over The Chin Bone And Secured With One Or Two Sutures To Secure It In Its Concealed Deep Position.

How Long Does A Chin Implant Procedure Take?

A Chin Implant Procedure, Minimally Invasive In Nautre, Will Normally Take Between 30 And 60 Minutes.

What Type Of Anesthesia Is Used During A Chin Implant Procedure?

Local Or I.v. Twilight Sedation Will Be Used During A Chin Implant Procedure.

Who Chooses The Size Of The Chin Implant?

The Degree Of Augmentation Is Selected By The Patient Depending On The Patient’s Desire For Drama Or Subtlety. Then An Appropriate Chin Implant Is Selected.

How Long Will The Results From A Chin Implant Last?

Chin Implant Results Are Permanent.

How Much Downtime Is Associated With A Chin Implant?

No Downtime, But Care And Caution Not To Touch Or Manipulate The Chin Forcefully, Especially Contact Sports For At Least Six Weeks.

Who Does Not Qualify For A Chin Implant?

Because Of Its Simplicity And Selection Of Size Of Chin Implant, Almost Any Aging Face Or Anyone With Too Large Of Nose Or Lack Of Chin Qualifies.

What Are Some Of The Risks Associated With A Chin Implant?

Temporary Bruising Or Swelling Reducesin A Week. Displacement, Infection And Possible Bleeding Are Extremely Rare And Temporary.

What Does A Chin Implant Cost?

Chin Implants Start At $2500.

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