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Vampire Nipple Lift

The Vampire Nipple Lift is a non-surgical nipple lift procedure aimed at creating younger, fuller looking nipples. The procedure utilizes a concentration of the patient’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP), which is derived from white blood cells. Introducing this highly concentrated PRP cocktail into the treatment area stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, and the increased blood flow into the treated area promotes nerve regeneration. This process ultimately enhances the shape, look and sensitivity of the nipples.

What are the potential benefits of a Vampire Nipple Lift?

  • A Vampire Nipple Lift can help improve inverted nipples

  • A Vampire Nipple Lift can redefine, lift and restore nipples into a youthful appearance (especially after pregnancy and/or breastfeeding).

  • A Vampire Nipple Lift can help restore sensation in the nipple and the areola.

  • A Vampire Nipple Lift can also help the overall appearance and texture of surrounding breast skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Vampire Nipple Lift injections placed?

Blunt cannulas, instead of needles, are used. Your medical provider will painless inject the PRP cocktail into these strategic sites:

  • Underneath and around the nipples

  • Upper polles of the breasts

  • Both nipples and under the skin of both breasts

  • Inside unsightly scars on the breasts. (In cases where surgical and/or traumatic breast scars are present, we may or may not combine the scar injections with Healite healing treatments.

How is The Vampire Nipple Lift performed?

First, the medical provider draws a sample of your blood. The sample is placed in a special tube and spun in a specially designed centrifuge. The spinning process isolates the white platelet rich plasma (PRP) found within our blood. That PRP is then drawn into a syringe and injected into the treatment area (nipples, areola and surrounding tissue) using a special, blunt tip cannula. Additional dermal fillers may also be used in conjunction with PRP to augment or compliment the results.

How long does the Vampire Nipple Lift procedure take?

From the initial blood draw, to the spinning of the blood, to the isolation and extraction of the PRP, to the actual injection into the treatment area, expect the entire process to take about an hour.

How soon can results be noticed after a Vampire Nipple Lift?

Remember that this procedure relies on the body’s natural healing process to kickstart the lasting results. This process allows for noticeable results to show up within a few weeks of the procedure, but the process will continue for months, usually 3-6 months, until a full result is accomplished.

How many sessions of the Vampire Nipple Lift are recommended for optimal results?

Like all cosmetic procedures, multiple sessions may require for best results. Some patients find optimal results after one treatment, other patients return for maintenance treatments every 4-6 months.

How much downtime is associated with the Vampire Nipple Lift?

It’s important to remember that the vampire nipple lift injection is non-surgical, hence there is no downtime. You may resume normal activity, including exercise, a few hours after the procedure time.

What are the key benefits of the Vampire Nipple Lift?

This is a safe, no downtime procedure that perks up appearance and sensation of the aging or post-pregnancy, post-breastfeeding of nipples and breasts where signs of aging are noticeable.

Is a Vampire Nipple Lift painful?

Even though pain is individually variable, most of our patients describe their experience as a minimal discomfort at the time of of the injection but no pain after completion of the procedure. We’ll do our best to make you as comfortable as possible during treatment.

Are there any common side effects with the Vampire Nipple Lift?

Bruising, swelling and redness may appear but are usually transient. To date, we have not seen infections, but infections are always possible. All patients need to be mindful of their incision sites and keep them as clean as possible until they’ve completely healed. There may also be slight, tolerable soreness at injection sites.

Who does not qualify for a Vampire Nipple Lift?

  • Those who are have presently any form of acute illness

  • Those who are on blood thinners, including aspirin

  • Anyone with an active infection, anywhere within the body

  • Anyone with breast malignancy

  • Those who are breast feeding

  • Those who are pregnant, or may be pregnant

How long do results last?

Normally, results last up to a year, but some patients find that they return for maintenance treatments every six-to-eight months.

What helps with post-procedure care?

A medical grade, high-dose of Arnica montana or Tranexamic acid oral tablet, may be recommended to prevent bruising and/or control bleeding. Also, all patients are instructed to keep their injection sites as clean as possible, avoiding swimming pools, hot tubs and other shared water sources, until completion of injection site healing.

What products should be used to optimize my results?

We  recommend avoidance of direct sunlight, our body moisturizer Silk Body and our Solaris Body SPF sunscreen

What does a Vampire Nipple Lift Cost?

Expect the procedure fees to be approximately $1500 to $2500 per session.

In summary, what can be expected from the Vampire Nipple Lift procedure?

  • Firmer, more shapely breasts.

  • Improved skin texture of the decolletage

  • Perkier breasts

  • Rounder cleavage.

  • Restored sensitivity to touch of the breast tissue.

  • Perkier nipples.

  • Increased nipple sensitivity.

  • Smoother skin of the breasts .

  • Filled-in implant “rippling”.

  • Improvement of the look of  inverted nipples.

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