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Just The Facts: Understanding Chicago Liposuction

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

Are you tired of seeing that lumpy “cottage cheese” cellulite on your thighs? Do you work hard at the gym, but do not get noticeable results? Do you feel like you eat well and make great food choices, yet the scale simply will not budge? You may prove an ideal candidate for Chicago liposuction. At the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we specialize in Chicago liposuction, giving patients throughout the area a valid option to enhance their overall appearance and feel their very best.

Breaking Down The Misconceptions About Liposuction

Of course, when partnering with us for your Chicago liposuction, we make patient education a top priority. Many of our patients come into our practice with an extensive list of preconceived notions regarding this surgery. Some of these perceptions are true, and some are not. We break down the misinformed white noise surrounding the liposuction procedure and give our patients just the facts about this effective cosmetic surgery option.

One of the first things we discuss with our patients is that liposuction is not “cheating.” Many prospective patients come to our practice worried that family and friends will have a negative opinion about their surgery. They feel concern that they are cutting corners and should just work harder at the gym and/or eat better. This is hardly the case; during our consultation, we discuss that liposuction is a “helper” or “enhancer.” Think of it like a teeth whitener; a whitener does not change your teeth, it makes them look better, and so you feel better. And, most often, discolored teeth have to do with genetics, something you cannot fix with brushing. The same goes for liposuction; most cellulite and fatty deposits have more to do with genetics than a healthy lifestyle. So, a liposuction procedure can make you look better and feel better about these areas that are otherwise beyond your control.

However, with that, it is important to note that liposuction is not a cure all for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This surgery can help put you on a path to looking and feeling better about your physical appearance. However, in order to achieve holistic, balanced and long-term physical health, patients must have a plan for consistent exercise and maintaining a healthful diet.

Results And Recovery: What You Can Expect From The Procedure

Additionally, we work with all of our patients to understand the facts about two other important liposuction details: results and recovery. As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, I make managing results and expectations a primary focus throughout the consultation process. Every patient has a unique physiology and can expect different results. I ensure that everyone understands the results they should expect, as well as how long it can take to achieve final results. As a general rule of thumb, most patients experience final results around three months post-op.

Finally, it is critical for all of our patients to understand their specific recovery plan. Allowing for rest and quiet time proves essential during the healing process. The Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery institute will work with you before and after your surgery to ensure you stay on track to heal as quickly as possible.

If you are considering Chicago liposuction, we can help. Contact the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute today to schedule an initial consultation.

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