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Laser Skin Toning

As a child, your skin was soft and smooth. Over the years, the sun, wind, and toxins in the air have taken their toll and your skin is showing signs of aging. You have been eating well, keeping fit, and living healthier.

Now, you want the image you see in the mirror to reflect the way you feel inside. For many of us, this means reversing the years of wear and tear on your skin caused by fun in the sun, the environment, and natural aging.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Laser Skin Toning may be ablative or non-ablative. The ablative lasers peel the skin on the surface, whereas non-ablative lasers reach deep into the skin’s surface with out peeling. In either technique we offer various types of lasers customizing to your needs.

Laser peel may be performed using a Coherent Ultrapulse carbon dioxide (CO2) laser or a Coherent Ultrafine Erbium Laser. They are used to remove areas of damaged or wrinkled skin, layer by layer. The procedure is most commonly used to minimize the appearance of fine lines, especially around the mouth and the eyes. Additionally, it is effective in treating facial scars such as acne or areas of uneven pigmentation. Laser Skin Toning may be performed on the whole face, body or in specific regions.

What can I expect after Laser Skin Toning?

Your new skin will usually remain slightly swollen and bright pink in the weeks following the procedure. Our surgeon may prescribe medications to make the color subside more rapidly. After about two weeks or so, most patients can safely apply makeup to conceal this temporary color change. However, some pinkness may remain for up to six months.

Above all, in the months following treatment, it’s important to protect the treated area from the sun until all the color has returned to normal. Using sun protection regularly will help to maintain your results and reduce the chance of any new sun damage to your skin.

How is Laser Skin Toning performed?

Laser Skin Toning is performed using a beam of laser energy that vaporizes the upper layers of damaged skin at specific and controlled levels of penetration. As the outer layers of damaged skin are stripped away, new cells form during the healing process, revealing a smoother, tighter, younger looking skin surface.

The laser emits an intense beam of energy that heats and vaporizes tissue instantaneously. It is so precise that the normal surrounding tissue is not affected. As our doctor guides the laser’s beam over the damaged or wrinkled skin, it gently removes the outer layers. Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes are smoothed. Deep creases and frown lines will be softened and acne scars are minimized. Once the outer layer of skin has been removed, the new skin beneath is softer, smoother with a more youthful appearance.

Laser Skin Toning is a relatively quick procedure. It usually takes anywhere from a few minutes to over two hours, depending on how large of an area is involved. When the imperfections are especially deep, our surgeon may recommend that the resurfacing be performed in two or more stages.

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