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More Than Skin-Deep: The Health Benefits of a Tummy Tuck in Chicago

It's no secret that the tummy tuck is a key component of the "mommy makeover." Removing flab and excess skin can give you that slimmer, tighter abdominal look you've been dreaming about. Whether heading to work or taking in the nightlife sights and sounds of Chicago, tummy tuck clients know firsthand the pride and confidence [...]

By | August 13th, 2016|Tummy Tuck|0 Comments

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Corrine’s Chicago Hair Restoration Story

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Corrine's Chicago Hair Restoration Story I've never been an especially vain person, the kind who spends hours every day staring into the mirror worshiping her own reflection, but I've always felt confident and attractive. I vividly remember the experience of looking into the mirror on my wedding day. Every woman [...]

By | August 12th, 2016|Hair Restoration|0 Comments

Seven Surprising Chicago Liposuction Truths

Considering liposuction as your body-slimming solution can be a daunting task. Where do you even start? How do you separate the facts from the fiction? At the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we take seriously our responsibility as Chicago liposuction leaders to provide you with all the most accurate data so you can make a [...]

By | August 11th, 2016|Liposuction / Liposculpture|0 Comments

7 Tips for Fast Tummy Tuck Recovery

From brain surgery to in-grown toenail removal, surgical procedures may run the gamut from more complex to less complex, but if you're the one being operated on, you know that there's no such thing as a minor surgery. When you're trusting your own body's well being to the skills and dedication of a surgeon, you're [...]

By | August 11th, 2016|The Body, Tummy Tuck|0 Comments

Myth-Busting “Bust Myths” – The Truth About Breast augmentation Chicago

Myth-Busting "Bust Myths" - The Truth About Breast augmentation Chicago You've heard of TV's MythBusters, the dynamic duo of self-taught experts who conduct quirky experiments to expose common myths and discover the truth behind them. What many people don't realize is that there are also plenty of "BustMythers" out there, well-meaning people who unknowingly spread myths, [...]

By | July 11th, 2016|Breasts|0 Comments

Chicago Rhinoplasty: Are you a Surgical Fit for this Procedure?

Here at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we work with many patients on a wide range of treatments. One popular procedure that we specialize in is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, also commonly known as a nose job, is a popular procedure for many different reasons. One reason is that the rhinoplasty can be performed on patients [...]

By | September 23rd, 2015|Liposuction and Cosmetic Blog|0 Comments

Combine a facelift in Chicago with non-surgical procedures to fight father time

It finally happened. You woke up one morning and groggily looked in the mirror. Next thing you knew your hands instinctively grabbed that wrinkled, loose skin that Father Time had so hastily aged on your face and pushed it back toward your ears. That skin suddenly looks young and fresh once again. The wrinkles vanish. [...]

By | September 15th, 2015|Liposuction and Cosmetic Blog|0 Comments

The Fire and Ice Facial Has Arrived in Chicago

The Fire & Ice Facial Is the Hot Hollywood Trend for Women who choose to receive the Red Carpet Treatment From the desk of Leslie Forrester, R.N., B.S.N. The Fire and Ice Facial, or the Red Carpet Facial, as it’s known in Hollywood, is heating up the cosmetic medicine industry. This intensive facial provides immediate [...]

By | August 11th, 2015|Liposuction and Cosmetic Blog|0 Comments

Choosing A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation In Chicago

Kim Kardashian’s ample bust-line is splashing across the pages of Rolling Stone and social media sites. Do you ever feel envious or inadequate in comparison? But, do you worry about how natural saline or silicone breast implants will look? We have you covered with a completely natural fat transfer breast augmentation Chicago. Finally, A Fully [...]

By | August 10th, 2015|Liposuction and Cosmetic Blog|0 Comments

Just The Facts: Understanding Chicago Liposuction

Are you tired of seeing that lumpy “cottage cheese” cellulite on your thighs? Do you work hard at the gym, but do not get noticeable results? Do you feel like you eat well and make great food choices, yet the scale simply will not budge? You may prove an ideal candidate for Chicago liposuction. At [...]

By | August 4th, 2015|Liposuction and Cosmetic Blog|0 Comments

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