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As the years pass, we all age, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with aging, there also is nothing wrong with trying to reverse that process and look our very best. In the past, the only options to address sagging facial skin and wrinkles were injectable compounds, skin resurfacing, or a surgical procedure like a facelift.

Those wanting to deal with the effects of aging will be happy to know there is now an option more advanced than compounds and resurfacing but less invasive than a facelift. That option is known as a thread lift.

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What is a thread lift?

Stated simply, a Polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift is a non-invasive procedure that provides a lift to sagging skin. Rather than surgically removing loose skin, after the injection of a local anesthetic, the cosmetic surgeon suspends loose skin by stitching up portions of it using biodegradable sutures.

The procedure has the effect of slightly pulling the skin back, lifting and tightening the face. Beyond that, a thread lift has another beneficial effect. The dissolvable sutures used in the procedure stimulate the body’s healing processes, causing the body to send large amounts of collagen to the treated area.

This collagen side effect is extremely important because of the role that collagen plays in keeping the skin voluminous, strong, and supple. As we age, our bodies tend to produce less collagen, leading to weaker, sagging skin and wrinkles, and a thread lift provides a temporary reversal of this process. Following the procedure, clients will notice an improvement in their facial skin’s firmness and tone.

Finally, because the sutures used in a thread lift are so small, most clients will not be able to feel them once the skin around the sutures has healed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of a thread lift

A thread lift offers a number of advantages in comparison to the more traditional facelift.  

·   Instant results – A thread lift provides an immediate facelift effect without extensive bruising and swelling.

 ·   Recovery – Thread lifts can be performed with the use of local anesthetic, meaning the client may be able to drive themselves home and return to work after a day or so of rest. Recovery from a facelift tends to be much more involved and prolonged.

 ·   Low risk – Because it is a non-invasive procedure, the risks associated with a thread lift are very low. Following a thread lift there is very little chance of bruising, bleeding, or scarring.

 ·   Affordable – As a fairly simple, non-invasive procedure, a thread lift tends to be more affordable than a facelift.

How long does a thread lift last?

All that said, it’s reasonable to ask, how long does a thread lift last? In answering that question it’s essential to remember that no lifting technique produces permanent results. Where the results of a facelift can last up to a decade, a thread lift should last one to three years.

On the other hand, since the thread lift is a non-invasive, low-risk procedure, clients may well choose to have another lift once the effects of the previous procedure start to wane.

For more than sagging facial skin

While a thread lift can help correct sagging facial skin, it can be used to address other issues as well.

· Nose thread lift – If you have a crooked nose or a bump in your nose, a thread lift can help reshape the tissue in your nose. The surgeon inserts threads vertically to lift the skin and address blemishes to the nose. Rather than pursue a more invasive, rhinoplasty procedure for a subtle change in appearance, you should consider a nose thread lift in Chicago instead.

Neck or Face Thread Lift – Wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, neck and forehead can be smoothed over with the help of a PDO thread face lift in Chicago. The threads will be weaved through the treatment areas before our practitioner tightens the skin. Best of all, this procedure is minimally invasive, so you will experience minimal discomfort and a short recovery time.

· Body thread lift – Using the thread lift procedure, it’s possible to lift the abdomen, butt, knees, neck, and other areas to achieve desired cosmetic goals. As with a facial thread lift, a local anesthetic is administered, and the surgeon places threads in the areas of the body to be treated.

The ideal candidate for a PDO Thread Lift In Chicago

Generally, the ideal candidate for a thread lift is a person in the 35 to 55 age range with moderately loose skin and who wants to lift the mid- to lower-third of their face.

On the other hand, the procedure might also provide a facelift alternative for older individuals who have little tolerance for invasive procedures because of their medical conditions.

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If you think you could benefit from a thread lift to your face, nose, or other portion of your body, and you’re looking for a thread lift near me, we urge you to contact the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian is a world-renowned specialist in cosmetic surgery and spares nothing to bring the latest innovations and techniques to his surgical practice.

If you think that you could benefit from a thread lift procedure, we urge you to contact our clinic to schedule your initial consultation. 

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