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LCSI: Helping Our Patients Afford Breast Implants In Chicago

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

As a leading provider of breast implants Chicago, the team at the Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Institute partners with prospective patients throughout the process to help answer any questions they may have before moving forward with their surgery. A very popular question from our potential patients during this phase of the process: Can I afford this surgery?

Affordable Breast Implant Chicago: Know That Facts

Have you considered breast implants in Chicago and promptly talked yourself out of them, simply because you assume you can’t afford them? It’s a common misconception. Many women instantly believe that any type of cosmetic surgery is out of their financial reach. However, at the leading breast implants Chicago doctors Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we not only believe in offering our patients the very latest surgery innovations performed by industry leading, experienced surgeons, we also believe that our breast implants in Chicago should be as affordable as possible.

What is the first thing we tell patients who believe that they won’t be able to afford breast implants in Chicago? That the surgery may actually be more accessible than they think. Recent dips in the economy coupled with new, streamlined approaches have actually delivered less expensive price points on this particular surgery. In fact, many of our patients are surprised to find out that breast implants in Chicago actually cost less than they did ten years ago. With final costs at all time lows, our patients quickly realize that there’s never been a better time from a financial perspective to opt for this surgery.

LCSI Offers Financing Options to Our Patients for Extended Accessibility

Of course, at breast implants Chicago institute LCSI, we don’t just rely on the economic flux to offer patients increased access to breast implants in Chicago. We also offer financing opportunities as well. When choosing us as your cosmetic surgery provider, we will work with you to secure various financing options to make your procedure more attainable. The LSCI offers zero percent financing options and can normally get a patient approved for some type of financing as long as she has a credit score of 500 or higher.

Financing options aren’t the only way we help our patients afford breast implants in Chicago. Our choice of facilities can also have a direct impact in the fees and costs absorbed by patients. At LCSI, we have our own accredited operating rooms. Not only does this mean our clients receive state-of-the-art care at our facility, it also means that our staff doesn’t have to pay astronomical rental fees at a hospital or privately held OR facility. We are able to pass this saving on directly to our patients. We pride ourselves on being able to keep our fees and costs as low as possible for LCSI’s partners.

A final way this process may prove financially feasible? Partnering with LCSI means that you are working with topnotch surgeons trained and experienced in the very latest tactics and techniques. These innovative approaches not only provide unparalleled results, they also minimize recovery time. Many of our patients find that their comfortable recovery allows them to get back to work on time to reduce time off without pay.

Want to hear more about financing your breast enhancement surgery? Contact us today by phone at 847.249.1000 or email to set up your consultation with a skilled and experienced surgeon.

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