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Did LeBron James Have Hair Restoration?

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

It certainly looks like LeBron James had a hair restoration procedure

Just yesterday the popular sports website Deadspin posted an article showcasing photos past and present of LeBron James and his hairline, or lack thereof. You’ll notice the author and the commenters beneath the article debate whether he had a hair transplant or was using spray on hair.  They even went so far as to include the infomercial for spray on hair that many of us have seen on late night TV.  If they were really serious or concerned, why didn’t they speak with a hair restoration physician?  There are plenty of doctors who are extremely experienced with not only doing thousands of procedures, but who have also has performed the procedure on thousands of African Americans.  An outfit such as Forrester Hair Restoration, our hair restoration division, for example.

LeBron didn’t get “plugs,” plugs are for sockets

The comments continue to refer to the debate going on in their office amongst the “black dudes” that LeBron must have had plugs since he has been taking pictures with hats on lately.  Once again the term “plugs” for hair is a technique that has really not been used since the late 80s.  Any professional who specializes in hair restoration knows that single hair follicles are the way experienced physicians sculpture a hairline. LeBron certainly appears to have had a hair restoration procedure, as opposed to a hair transplant (very 90s), and I would assume that with his financial status and high profile he could have had it done in one day and been on his way.  Now that he is at the six month mark he is seeing fabulous results and it will continue to get even better in the next four to six months. Certainly he and his people did their homework to find him a great surgeon to perform a beautiful procedure.

Misconception: Hair restoration is  tougher on African Americans

Since it appears that LeBron did in fact have a hair transplant, it’s a good time to remind my patients that African Americans can be outstanding candidates for hair restoration. Anyone who tells you otherwise simply isn’t qualified to provide the kind of results you should expect from a life changing procedure like hair restoration.

Hair spray for hair or spray on hair – really?

As far as comparing the realistic look of spray on hair to a beautifully done Hair restoration procedure, really…for LeBron James?  He is on high definition TV constantly and usually sweating profusely while going up or down the court and wiping himself off with a towel.  The King of the court would want a procedure that takes one day and grows for the rest of his life. When it comes to spray on hair, this is really a once a day everyday pain.  Hair restoration has no color and has no comparison when it comes to a beautiful, natural result forever. You don’t need to be the best basketball player in the world to get great results, just come to one of our four locations in Chicago on the Gold Coast, Oak Brook, Arlington Heights or Naperville. I’m Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian, M.D. founder of Forrester Hair Restoration and Chief Medical Director of the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery institute, and if your hair loss is bothering you come in for a free consultation. I assure you, you will get a fabulous, natural result, and you will be treated like a King.

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