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Silhouette FaceLift

Also known as a “thread lift”, the Silhouette Facelift is a non-surgical treatment designed to subtly lift the skin of the neck, face, cheeks, jowls and eyebrows using thin, dissolvable, completely safe surgical sutures.

These sutures use tiny cones to grab and anchor the skin, which in turn reposition and elevate deep, sagging structures of the face. Moreover, the lifting action stimulates the growth of natural new collagen. The end result is a natural, subtle looking facelift-like rejuvenation … without the surgery.

What can a Silhouette Face Lift treat?

This in-office procedure creates subtle lifting of the sagging face, jowls, neck and eyebrows without the surgery.

Who can benefit from a Silhouette Face Lift and who are the best candidates?

Anyone looking to correct signs of facial aging can benefit from a Silhouette Lift. This day in age, many people are in search of a younger facial appearance, especially the brows, face, and neck without undergoing surgery. If you are looking for subtle facial lifting with minimal downtime, the Silhouette Lift is for you.

The perfect candidates are those who are hoping for subtle facial rejuvenation, not those who are hoping for dramatic facelift results. We recommend Dr. Tcheupdjian’s Soft Face Lift for these people. Think of the Silhouette face lift as a step up from facial fillers like Botox, Juvederm and Restylane, but not as much as the full, surgical facelift.

About the Silhouette Facelift Procedure

The Silhouette Lift threads and cones are composed of dissolvable polypropylene suture material. This type of suture material is not new and has been used safely in surgery for many years. The cones are bidirectional and patented.

We use only oral and local anesthesia for sedation during this in-office, outpatient procedure. After sedation, the dissolvable sutures with their miniature cones are inserted via two or three entry points in the skin of the face — there are no incisions, per se, only minuscule injection sites where the coned sutures are introduced into the sagging skin. The sutures are then guided beneath the skin and anchored to the deep skin tissue. Once positioned, the cones work to coax the sagging tissues back to their youthful, elevated position. Patients can expect the entire treatment to take about an hour.

About the anesthesia… We usually recommend only oral sedation, which entails taking to sedatives to relax, and local lidocaine injections to the treatment sites. Of course, any patients requesting twilight sedation or general anesthesia can be accommodated, but we try to avoid these methods in an effort to keep recovery as quick and easy as possible. The big question, does the Silhouette Lift procedure hurt? No, since we use local and oral anesthesia, there will be little, if any, discomfort. How many sessions of the Silhouette Lift are required to achieve the desired results? You’ll see results after just one treatment, but like any other procedure, we recommend doing the Silhouette Lift be performed once every few years, as you’ll continue to age as the years go by.

Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian

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