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Hair restoration for … facial hair? Absolutely.

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

Facial hair restoration is real

The other day I did a met with a gentleman with a full head of hair who was coming to see me for a hair restoration consultation.  Normally, I can tell right away what my hair restoration patients want. It’s easy to take one initial look and realize they have thinning hair and want fuller, thicker hair. But this patient was the exception. He had a full head of thick hair, so at first I was confused. Why had he come to visit my office? During his free hair restoration consultation, he explained that he was looking for the right medical team to transplant hair from his head to thicken his eyebrows and his facial hair.  In his dream world, he wanted a full, thick goatee.

A hair restoration goatee? Rare but absolutely possible

This gentleman was very upset that his facial hair was so thin, or in most areas, non-existent.

“It was really embarrassing in high school as most guys were reaching puberty and starting to shave, I was stuck with nothing there,” he said to me.

This quickly became a unique and exciting case for the medical experts at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute and its subsidiary Forrester Hair Restoration. The patient was very comfortable with our credentials and knowledge. He decided since facial hair is very fashionable in today’s scruffy look world that it was time for him, with our help, to remedy an issue that had bothered him for years.  We assigned the case to our hair expert, Dr. Carlos Puig, who was completely comfortable and experienced with moving hair from a donor site on the head onto the patient’s face to created a customized facial hair profile.

Successfully creating a custom goatee made a patient’s dream a reality

The patient had discussed two different techniques we do for extracting the donor hair from the back of the head. His choice was FUE, (Follicular Unit Extraction) where we remove one hair at a time, or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), where we remove the hair all at once in a strip.  Both methods work well.  The Patient chose FUE, Dr. Puig affirmed his choice and after a full day in the procedure room we had completed a truly one of a kind procedure at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

At the end of the day the patient was almost in tears as he explained that this was like he had finally reached puberty and could shave regularly like all his friends. It was in that moment, when I saw the sheer joy in his face, that I was reminded that we sometimes perform small miracles in our operating rooms. We make dreams come true. And that’s extremely rewarding for us doctors.

So if you are looking to add hair on your head, or somewhere else’s, we are the experts to see at one of our four locations in Chicago on the Gold Coast, Oak Brook, Arlington Heights and Naperville. Even if it’s not hair, if you’ve been looking for a group of cosmetic surgeons in Chicago to help your dreams come true, the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute is here for you. Hair in particular is special to every man and woman, and when you don’t have it, it truly is life changing to find the right people to give it back to you and have it look beautiful and grow for the rest of your life.

To schedule your free hair restoration consultation, click here or call us any time at 847.259.1000.

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