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Choosing the Right Size Breast Implants for your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

Moving forward with breast augmentation surgery Chicago is a major decision for every woman. However, at the Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Institute, our team of innovative breast implants Chicago surgeons understands that deciding on breast augmentation surgery Chicago is simply the first step in the process. Our patients also need to consider another major detail before the date of their procedure: the size of the breast implants they will choose for insertion during the surgery.

What You Need To Know About Picking The Best-Sized Breast Implants Chicago

Many women navigating through the breast augmentation Chicago process initially believe that they have a “magical cup size.” These patients come into the consultation with their physician with a very specific size that they believe is the only option that will work for them. While having a general idea about your final look is important, we always work with our patients to ensure that they understand there is more to consider than just cup size when undergoing a breast implant procedure.

If you are struggling with pinpointing the best-sized Chicago breast implants for you, read on; knowing a few simple tips to factor in throughout the process can help ensure you pick the perfect size for you.

These tips include:

Use your “sizers”: At the Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we encourage our patients to try on various “sizers” to get an idea about the feel and look various sizes will give them after the procedure. At LCSI, we highly-suggest not just using different sizers…we also encourage our clients to bring in all sorts of garments during the “try-on” day. Seeing how you will look in various ensembles from your own closet can really give you a solid idea of what you can expect from different sizes.

Don’t copy your friends: If there’s one thing the team at LCSI knows, it’s that no two bodies are exactly the same. That’s why it’s critical to never base your breast implant size on your friend’s choice for herself; it’s a surefire way to actively pursue disappointment.

Consider your frame and personality: Yes, you should always think about your frame when moving forward with breast augmentation surgery Chicago. However, your size alone isn’t enough to make a final decision. You should also consider your personality. What is the statement you are hoping to make post-surgery? Ask yourself if you going for subtlety or very noticeable results.

Consider your lifestyle: It’s also important to think about how active your lifestyle is. Post-surgery, working out, running, playing sports, and even some everyday activities (doing laundry, doing dishes, typing on a keyboard, laying in bed, driving, doing yard work) will start to feel different. Even moms with young children will notice movements like picking them up, playing with them, loading them in cars, etc., all feel dramatically different depending on the size increase of the breasts.

Get a second opinion: Even if you have a specific size in mind, a friend or loved one who knows you can give you an added level of confidence in your choice.

Listen to your physician: Oftentimes, a doctor will listen to the patient’s wishes. However, in some cases, your doctor will recommend not going any bigger than a certain size. Breast implant pockets can only be so big in some patients. Putting in an implant that is too large can cause severe rippling and stretching, which can create unsightly stretch marks.

Other Things To Know Before Moving Forward With Breast Augmentation Surgery Chicago

At LCSI, we also work with our patients post-surgery to ensure they have a full recovery from their procedure. One critical factor we’ve noticed during our follow up consultations: Roughly 80 percent of women who have Chicago breast augmentation in our office wish they had gone bigger. Why? In the weeks immediately after surgery, the breasts are still swollen and healing. After the breasts are completely healed and the swelling goes down, most women had already grown to enjoy the size of the swollen breasts and wished they had gone bigger.

With that in mind, it’s important to note that many women feel like their breasts are bigger than they had initially hoped for. This is again due to post-surgery swelling. After the healing process runs its course (roughly one month) the swelling will decrease and your breasts will rest at the size you chose initially.

Have questions about how to pick the right size breast implants for your procedure? Contact LCSI today at 847.249.1000 or email to speak with a physician and schedule surgery consultation.

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