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Five Acne Self Care Solutions Battle Returning Maskne

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

The arrival of Fall 2021, means many Americans are returning to work and schooling in-person. Safety precautions remain in place to protect us from the spread of Covid-19, but what is not considered is the dreaded return of acne forming under your mask.

While this remains an annoying and inconvenient side effect to prolonged mask wearing, The American Academy of Dermatology as well as physicians across the nation agree that you should not stop wearing your mask.

Woman with acne and irritation from wearing a mask having Acne Treatment In Chicago

What usually causes Maskne, or acne that forms underneath the mask, includes not washing your mask enough, skin that is too moist or dry, a shift in diet, or a change to your skin washing or moisturizing routine. Luckily, there are plenty of self-care solutions you can take to prevent or treat your returning Maskne. We’ve gathered five solutions that you should consider building into your mask-wearing routine:

  1. Use A Gentle Face Wash And Moisturizer Daily – Find a cleanser that does not contain alcohol so you can lightly wash away any build-up of oils or dirt. For additional help with Maskne, you can clean your skin gently and apply a moisturizer before and after you return home after prolonged mask wear.
  2. Add A Gentle Cotton Layer Under Your Mask – This soft, breathable layer of fabric is less likely to irritate your skin from rubbing up against it. Plus, adding this layer under your current masks also means you’ll have another layer of protection.
  3. Regularly Clean Your Masks – Makeup, sweat and bacteria build up on the inside of your masks after prolonged wear. Washing your reusable masks and wearing a new mask daily can help cut down on acne breakouts.
  4. Take A Mask Break Every 4 to 5 Hours – If you are able to, taking a 15-minute mask break from wearing your mask can help save your skin. Of course, this needs to be done by also following handwashing and social distancing guidelines, so you can remove your mask safely.
  5. Consider Getting A Professional Facial, Chemical Peels Or Microdermabrasion Treatment – If you’ve already had trouble with mild to severe acne well before 2020, then it might be time to seek a better solution for treatment. It’s vital to follow instructions following either treatment to allow your face to properly heal.

Acne Treatment And Cosmetic Surgery In Chicago, Illinois

At The Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we have numerous solutions to treat acne and acne scarring. You will no longer have to ask yourself the question, “Where can I find quality acne treatment near me?”

Our office is more than ready to answer any questions and help you take care of your recurring acne or Maskne problems. We have several medical professionals on staff who will walk you through any of our acne treatment solutions including the effectiveness of a microdermabrasion vs chemical peel.

While mask-wearing is a vital part of life now, that doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer through it. Find a skin care routine or better solution for treating acne through us so you can battle future breakouts.

Schedule your free consultation for treatment with us by booking online or calling 312-266-8765.

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