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SkinPen, a Versatile Anti-Aging Treatment for All Skin Types

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

SkinPen for anti-aging

Sun damage. Acne scars. Stretch marks. Hyperpigmentation. Aging, wrinkling skin. These are all problems that plague women as they age, especially on the face. At the root of each of these issues is one common denominator: the breaking down of healthy collagen. To reverse these signs of aging one thing is absolutely necessary: the stimulation of new collagen. And with a brand new treatment called SkinPen, I couldn’t be more excited about treating the aforementioned signs of aging at our anti-aging clinics in Chicago, Arlington Heights, Oak Brook and Naperville.

The SkinPen treatment uses variable depth needling to micro-injure the crucial layers of the dermis. These minuscule skin punctures trigger new collagen synthesis, which in turn leads to the anti-aging result so many of my patients strive for. And the best part? With the SkinPen treatment, there’s little, if any, downtime (30 minutes at the most), so my patients are back to their busy, everyday lives shortly after treatment.

SkinPen: anti-aging in the palm of my hand

It’s called SkinPen because the treatment device looks just like a regular ballpoint pen (see photo below), so it easily fits in my hand like I would hold a pen. And the cordless design allows for versatile treatment of the body, face, neck, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back. Wherever the problem area, we can treat it in less than 30 minutes and have you on your way.

The anti-aging SkinPen treats sun damage, acne scars, hyper pigmentation and wrinkled skin.

SkinPen can treat all skin tones and colors

So many of these laser and intense pulse light treatments are limited to soft skin tones, which means many of my patients can’t fully benefit from these treatments. That’s not the case with the SkinPen. No matter your skin tone, skin color or ethnic background, we can treat your sun damage, acne scars, stretch marks or many other side effects of aging skin, which further increases the versatility of this breakthrough treatment.

Can the SkinPen compete with high powered resurfacing lasers?

Many of you who frequent this blog or our Facebook page know my daughter, Leslie Forrester, R.N., B.S.N. For those who do not, Leslie is one of the premier nurse injectors in Chicago, and her experience with laser resurfacing is extensive. She recently confessed to me that she’s seeing SkinPen results that are on par, sometimes even exceeding the results we’ve seen from these resurfacing lasers. To get these kind of results from a tiny, cordless needling pen are astounding.

SkinPen gaining in popularity

If you watch daytime talk shows like The View you have undoubtedly seen SkinPen starting to appear on these programs. And I’m here today to tell you to believe the hype. If you would like to experience this advanced, easy treatment in one of our anti-aging clinics in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Oak Brook or Naperville, simply click here to schedule your appointment or call us today at 847.259.1000

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