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Cleavage Décolletage Rejuvenation

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Cleavage Décolletage Rejuvenation

The problem

With passage of time and sun exposure, once beautiful flawless and lustful female cleavage slowly shows its age, loses its glow, smoothness and lustful appearance. It is slowly replaced by crinkly skin which is coarse, rough and unpleasant to touch. Visible appearance of lines, wrinkles, discolorations, spots and mark, solar elastosis, actinic keratosis even skin cancer replace what was once a showpiece, the center of attention.

The loss of skin’s healthy collagen and elastin volume and ensuing thinning and appearance of coarse and fine wrinkles of the skin of the décolletage.

The cause

Excessive sun exposure, age, smoking, frequent weight loss and weight gain, pregnancy, hormonal decline and genetics.

The solution(s)

Is simple, but a combination of treatment options and modalities may give the most dramatic results.

Some of our treatment options include:

Juvederm ™ the miracle filler of wrinkles. Injection of Hyaluronic acid such as Juvederm, Restylane or Belotero into cleavage wrinkles of the chest and the lower neck this is a painless injection of hyaluronic acid to fill the deep lines of the wrinkles of the neck and chest. The results are dramatic and last up to one year this is usually the first line of defense combined with sun-damage protection and topical treatments.

Sculptra ™ This is a liquid material made out of polylactic acid and it has volumizing property. It means by injecting this material under the skin, the week and thin skin is strengthened and filled, the end result is cleavage rejuvenation and the return of youthful décolletage appearance. this procedure usually in injected 4 times, three weeks apart.

BOTOX ™ this adds is it transient relaxant of the underlying structures of the skin it helps illuminate fine wrinkles the extensive injection experience of the physicians of the liposuction in cosmetic surgery Institute and Leslie Forrester RN help our patients decide which combination treatments are best outcome for their cleavage enhancement.

PRP platelet rich plasma this is in relatively new to the aesthetic world even though it’s not new science. During this procedure small amount of blood is extracted from the patient and expect a specific component called PRP is separated by a centrifuge then aspirated and injected into the patient’s cleavage area to promote tissue and collagen growth factors.

ULTHERAPY This treatment is a sophisticated, FDA approved focused Unique Ultrasound energy intended skin’s underlying deep structures. It lifts, tightens, firms. There is no downtime, and it is non-invasive even though there is some discomfort during the treatment.

IPL or BBL Sun damage reduction by IPL or BBL these devices are Intense Broad band pulse lights and they are the first line of defense because their benefits are multiple. The IPL is affordable, with no downtime. No anesthesia is necessary. It helps eliminate discolorations and unwanted dilated blood vessels providing immediate smoothing of the skin. Multiple sessions may be necessary. At our institute we utilized the best in safety and precision IPL device known as ”Lume one” and or Sciton BBL

LASER at our institute in Chicago we utilize two major LASERs for cleavage rejuvenation and to eliminate sun damage. The first is Erbium LASER such as Sciton ™ profractional and Micro LASER resurfacing or Coherent Erbium LASER. The other is Nd-Yag 1064 LASER. This laser has capability of eliminating broken capillaries and dilated, abnormally proliferating blood vessels, plus the added benefit of elimination of skin discolorations plus tightening of the skin by inducing and remodeling skin collagen and elastin and growth factors.

CIT Collagen Induction Therapy also known as Micro-needling, is a newer method for cleavage rejuvenation where tiny titanium needles on a roller or automated micro-needling device. This method is an in-office beneath procedure requiring topical anesthetic as a numbing cream, during the procedure the repetitive needling of the sun damaged skin causes promotion and provocation of collagen induction into the deep layer of the skin by the physical provocation of the fibroblasts caused by the titanium needles. Immediately after the procedure, a rich concentrated medical solution of vitamin A and Vitamin C, polyphenols ,green tea and Hyaluric acid is applied to the needled cleavage skin, the needles enable the immediate deep passage of the applied rich antioxidants to penetrate deep into the skin hence the term “collagen induction” . The discomfort is minimal but the results are visible and may be dramatic. This CIT cleavage rejuvenation procedure is best when it’s repeated more than once. CIT procedure may also be combined with PRP platelet rich plasma therapy. Usually we provide a “home CIT kit” to the our patients which is similar but much milder home therapy The home CIT should be performed by the patient nightly prior to application of the skin creams.

Carboxytherapy insufflation of filtered medical carbon dioxide gas by a very tiny needle in the subcutaneous area underneath the skin will promote vasodilatation, improved circulation and induction of tissue growth factors and skin rejuvenation with visible results. The procedure is performed of fuel separate sessions and requires no downtime and no anesthesia.

Medical SPA treatments to smooth the texture of the skin and tighten its appearance such as Medical grade Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels, combination of Alpha hydroxy acids, as Glycolic acid,Lactic acid, Malic acid and resorcinol with the anti- oxidant properties of vitamin A and vitamin C acids may provide a solution for skin discoloration and roughness.

Skin Tightening by Radio Frequency Energy Treatments unipolar or bipolar modalities target the deeper collagen layer of the skin promote skin tightening and smoothing, there are many radio frequency technologies we employ two of the best;–VIORA re-fit ™ sophisticated technology delivers both unipolar for its deep penetrating capability and bipolar for its superficial smoothing properties to enable college and remodeling. It necessitates multiple no downtime treatments The results are dramatic especially when combined with fillers, IPL and other treatments.
ACCENT ™ by Alma similar to VIORA promotes collagen remodeling both treatments are painless and require a few sessions but no downtime.

Skin cosmo-ceuticals, Topical Skin TherapySolaris ™ UVA and UVB sun protection not all skincare products purchased over-the-counter are the same. Even though there are many products in the market today we believe best results are achieved with our medical grade effective sun protective topicals.

  • Radiant Lift ™ this is our award-winning skin topical product made out of combination of retinal, polyphenols, green tea, hyaluronic acid and caffeine
  • C-zone ™ highest amount of vitamin C ascorbic acid plus collagen growth factors are the main ingredients. C-Zone is best mixed 50-50 with Radiant lift ™ and applied nightly to the entire face neck and chest area. And for additional benefit it is best to be used after the application of C I T therapy.
  • Face Nourishing Cream ™ enriched with multiple active ingredients; Squalene, Safflower, Vitamin C Ascorbic acid, CoQ10 Ubiquinone, Tocopherol Vitamin E, Retinyl palmitate Vitamin A, Sunflower oil, Basil oil, Glycyrrhiza Glaba, Licorice root extract, Glabrene, Licochalcone Camellia sinensis helps prevent against sun damage by blocking free radicals and reducing inflammation. Tea and its he astringent property, it makes a perfect toner for the skin great for keeping the skin complexion pure, clean, smooth, and bright. That same astringents also employed to reduce eyelid irritation and puffiness. Ceramides are natural fats and lipids which form a major structural component in the top layers and structure of our skin.Glycoproteins are essential in skin cellular architectural repair and protection. These will be essential in your cleavage rejuvenation at the Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Chicago.

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Client Testimonials

Miracle worker!

There will never be enough good things to say in regards to Dr. T and his whole staff! On sep 28th I had breast augmentation sugery this in my second procedure performed by Dr. T first being Brazilian lift whith fat transfer. Both of may procedures went...

Anna T.

Chicago, IL

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Roman is the best I got my consultation on 11/19/15.. Meet with Lilian the consultian.. I must say she's the best very knowledgable... Lilian made sure every single question was answered before leaving the office...

S. M.

Chicago, IL


I now have Hollywood cheekbones thanks to Leslie and VOLUMA injection!!! Ladies, I am absolutely thrilled- I had Voluma injection for my cheeks done by Leslie a week ago, and I can't believe my own eyes. I now have plump and defined cheeks again!!!

Elly B.

Orlando Park, IL

Wonderful experience!

Dr. T and his whole staff is absolutely amazing! I had a brazilian $@!#% lift there was no pain whatsoever! Lillian called me regularly before and after surgery just to check in with me, it made me feel extremely good to know that they take time out of their schedule to call patients!

Bianca B.

Cicero, IL

Excellent Job and Very Friendly

I had an appointment with Dr. Tcheupdjian for a feminine procedure. I live in Ohio and found out about their offices online. Everything ran smoothly. Once I got there I was immediately taken back. I received my consultation and felt comfortable enough to continue with my procedure...

Ms S.

Toledo, OH

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