Image isn’t everything. But, in today’s hectic, competitive environment, it can make a big difference.

You may have tried to diet and exercise on a regular basis and found that dramatic results are difficult to achieve on your own. Your reason for choosing lipotherapy-lipolysis(fat dissolving) may be a life-saving decision, as you can drastically reduce your body size, while learning how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. It’s the second chance at life that you always dreamed of — a new, slender shape you can be proud to show off and keep forever.

This procedure can produce excellent results for people who have deposits of excess fat that make certain areas of the body appear disproportionately large. This may help the way patients look and feel about themselves. However, to achieve the optimum results, a more complete program is required. Therefore, in addition to the Liposculpture, patients are placed on a highly personalized treatment program (lipotherapy), with an individual evaluation of biochemical and metabolic status, along with body shape. Here in Chicago lipotherapy experts provide detailed dietary and nutritional guidelines, along with a basic exercise routine tailored to the individual’s medical and cardiovascular status. Prescription or specialized supplements are also very effective for attaining and keeping that new figure. Lipotherapy treatment and continuing maintenance programs continue for several months.

What is Lipo-dissolve and How does it work?

An intricate part of the Lipotherapy™ program allocated to melt away fat tissue through a few brief sessions. The procedure, also known as “fat melt” or “Non-Surgical Fat Dissolve,” offers the patient an alternative to surgery. A pioneered phosphatidylcholine solution is injected into a localized fatty site, causing the existing fat to emulsify, dissolve, diminish and flush almost immediately (20-30 minutes) following injection.

Are there any risks involved with Lipotherapy?

No. Lipotherapy and Lipo-Disolve along with the other fat relinquishing treatments are extremely safe with zero reported cases of complications. In fact the entire Lipotherapy program is commonly utilized to aid people who are facing health problems due to being significantly overweight.

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How many treatments are needed?

Ideally 3 treatments for the face at a given site are necessary to achieve optimal effects. A few more treatments may be necessary for the body.

Waiting 2-3 weeks between injections is recommend, and no sooner than 2 weeks for subsequent treatments.

How long is the recovery period?

The treatment requires zero downtime and the patient may return to work or resume normal activities directly after treatments. Approximately 20-30 minutes post injection the patient may notice some redness, slight bruising, or experience a stinging sensation, but rarely are the treatments painful. These are natural inflammatory reactions to the emulsion and dispersion of fat, signifying the procedure is successful. By one week most of the skin changes (bruising/redness) fade and rarely require more than 2-3 weeks.

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