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Abdomen Thread Lift

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What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads, or Polydioxanane, are materials with suture-like capabilities, absorbed by the body with a higher ability to generate collagen and elastin around the tissues where it’s placed. These threads help to rebuild the dermis and protect the skin from sagging by producing natural collagen.

PDO is non-toxic and provides long-lasting effects. Esthetic skin tightening threads have vastly improved, especially in areas like the abdomen. If you’re interested in an abdomen thread lift in Chicago, contact the plastic surgeons at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Institute today. Schedule a consultation today.

Tiny, dissolvable suture threads are introduced to a superficial layer of the dermis and pulled tight in the treatment area using an advanced technique. The PDO threads grab onto the surrounding soft tissues and help manifest an improved look by lifting and tightening, giving you a more youthful appearance.

The threads grab onto the surrounding soft tissues and help manifest an improved look with tighter, more youthful looking skin.

There’s no downtime, mild discomfort, and lasting results (several months). And the procedure can be complemented with other procedures, like microneedling, radiofrequency, laser resurfacing and ultrasound technologies, that can all enhance the final result.

This procedure is perfect for patients who have crepiness around the belly button, and/or post-pregnancy wrinkles. Read the FAQs below for more information on non-surgical tummy tightening with threads.

PDO Thread Lift Procedure

When you have a threading treatment done at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Institute, you won’t experience any downtime, have very mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising, but have long-lasting results (several months). You will be able to return to normal daily activities right away.

The procedure is performed under a local anesthetic as the threads are inserted into the abdominal skin. It can be complemented with other procedures like micro-needling, radiofrequency, laser resurfacing, and ultrasound technologies. Having additional procedures done will enhance the final result.

This minimally invasive procedure is perfect for patients with crepiness around the belly button and post-pregnancy wrinkles. Read the FAQs below for more information on non-surgical tummy tightening with threads.

How Long Do Results Last

A PDO abdominal thread lift may last up to an entire year or longer dependent on maintenance treatments after the initial procedure. Treatment results will vary by patient, and you can always receive another treatment once the effects wear off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of a tummy thread lift?

The abdomen thread lift is a procedure aimed at addressing aging, saging, wrinkled crepiness of the upper and lower abdominal skin, especially around the belly button. This wrinkled belly appearance is commonly seen post-pregnancies, after appreciable weight loss and of course with natural aging.

Those who desire a tighter skin of their tummy, to improve skin texture clarity and eliminate skin crepiness. However, patients with large flaps of fatty skin or advanced sagginess are probably not good candidates for a thread lift and should consider a surgical approach.

Most commonly we use PDO (polydioxanone) or PLLA (Poly L- Lactic Acid, aka PCL) threads. These threads are all dissolvable and biodegradable and consist of natural materials that are slowly absorbed by the body over time (usually several months). Studies show that these threads stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin, which helps firm the surrounding skin. made out of natural materials that are slowly absorbed by the body while it has the ability to generate collagen and elastin into the deep layers of the skin and the underneath the layers of the skin.

Yes, these threads are commonly used in vascular surgery and have been for decades. This long history of usage has established their viability and safety in the medical community.

The treated area is first sterilized using a cleaning agent, and then immediately treated with a local anesthetic, which will numb the area and ensure minimal discomfort during the procedure. Multiple threads are then introduced to the treated area using tiny needles in a criss-cross, hashtag pattern. Both the upper and lower abdominal areas are usually treated, with the intention to provide support and balance between the areas. The exact placement and number of threads used will vary by patient, depending on severity of the sagging and the patient goals. In the weeks following the procedure, the body’s natural response to the threads will include the stimulation of new collagen and elastin, which helps promote tightening and firmness of the skin and helps support the newly elevated position of the skin.

Usually a topical cream or local lidocaine are concentrated at the needle entry sites, and this is enough to disguise the discomfort that can be experienced. Most patients report no discomfort during the procedure.

None, since the procedure is done using a local anesthetic. Patients may resume normal activities and most go to work the next day (or even later that same day). But care consideration must be made to not excessively touch the treated area with contaminated hands. Additionally, submerging the treated area in water cannot happen until the entry sites are fully healed.

Since there are no incisions or stitches, the healing process is relatively quick, with minimal transient bruising, numbness, swelling and pain. Most of these minor side effects subside within a few days. Rare side effects include thread extrusion, infection and/or hematoma. That said, patients must thoughtfully conform with their provider’s post-procedure instructions in an effort to avoid these side effects.

  • Radiofrequency treatments, like ThermiRF and BodyTite
  • Unipolar radiofrequency, like ThermiSmooth
  • MIcroneedling with radiofrequency energy hybrid treatments, like such SecretRF and Genius
  • Ultherapy, which uses the science of focused, multi-depth ultrasound waves, which uses coagulation to lift and tighten the subdermal layer of the skin.
  • And, yes, any or all of these treatments can and will help enhance normal results of the tummy thread lift.

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Miracle worker!

There will never be enough good things to say in regards to Dr. T and his whole staff! On sep 28th I had breast augmentation sugery this in my second procedure performed by Dr. T first being Brazilian lift whith fat transfer. Both of may procedures went...

Anna T.

Chicago, IL

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Roman is the best I got my consultation on 11/19/15.. Meet with Lilian the consultian.. I must say she's the best very knowledgable... Lilian made sure every single question was answered before leaving the office...

S. M.

Chicago, IL


I now have Hollywood cheekbones thanks to Leslie and VOLUMA injection!!! Ladies, I am absolutely thrilled- I had Voluma injection for my cheeks done by Leslie a week ago, and I can't believe my own eyes. I now have plump and defined cheeks again!!!

Elly B.

Orlando Park, IL

Wonderful experience!

Dr. T and his whole staff is absolutely amazing! I had a brazilian $@!#% lift there was no pain whatsoever! Lillian called me regularly before and after surgery just to check in with me, it made me feel extremely good to know that they take time out of their schedule to call patients!

Bianca B.

Cicero, IL

Excellent Job and Very Friendly

I had an appointment with Dr. Tcheupdjian for a feminine procedure. I live in Ohio and found out about their offices online. Everything ran smoothly. Once I got there I was immediately taken back. I received my consultation and felt comfortable enough to continue with my procedure...

Ms S.

Toledo, OH

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