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Nose PDO Thread Lifts in Chicago

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Thread lifting for the nose involves the insertion of multiple dissolvable threads under the skin at the top (dorsum) of the nose to smooth the bridge, and if need be, elevate the tip of the nose.

Unlike rhinoplasty in Chicago, which is a surgical procedure to enhance and alter the shape of the nose, the results of a nose thread lift are far more natural looking and there is no scarring or surgery required. There is no long, painful recovery, noticeable scars, unsightly bumps, bandages, or wraps- Only beautiful results.

What are the key benefits of a nose thread lift?

  • A nose thread lift is convenient. Thread lifts are sometimes referred to as “lunchtime lifts” because they are minimally invasive and can usually be performed in less than an hour.
  • Nose thread lifts are much less expensive than surgical rhinoplasty procedures.
  • PDO nose lifts are safe and effective.
  • Thread lifts produce instant results.
  • There is no downtime and no long recovery period.
  • Nose thread lifts are painless.
  • You can resume work and normal activities almost immediately.
  • No general anesthesia is required.
  • Side effects are typically minimal.
  • Nose threads do not migrate like injectable dermal fillers can.
  • A PDO lift can produce results that are similar to surgically placed nasal implants.
  • Results are fully customizable and can be as dramatic or as natural as the patient desires.

A PDO thread lift for the nose is sometimes called a “non-surgical nose job.” This is because nose threading is great for those seeking a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty that improves the height of the nasal bridge, overall definition of the nose, and helps achieve a slightly higher or slimmer nasal tip.

PDO lifts also stimulate collagen production in the skin, improving strength, fullness, elasticity, and luminosity. Additionally, because the threads are designed to lift skin and underlying tissues, they can also improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can Threads be Placed in the Nose?

The threads used in nose thread lifts are placed under the skin and usually in the midline of the bridge to smooth the dorsum (top part of the nose), and also in the columella (the tissue between the nasal tip and the upper lip) to lift the tip of the nose.

PDO threads, or polydioxanone threads, are absorbable, surgical-grade monofilament sutures that have been used in various types of surgeries for years. There are different PDO threads that are used in cosmetic threading procedures in order to achieve personalized results for each patient.

Anyone who has minor irregularities or unevenness at the top of their nose, or anyone hoping to lift the tip of their nose, can benefit from a nose thread lift.

The Hiko nose thread lift in Chicago is the same thing as a PDO nose thread lift. It originates from Seoul, Korea, and is designed to achieve the cosmetic goal of sharpening and straightening the bridge of the nose, as well as lifting and sharpening the tip.

A PDO nose thread lift usually takes between 15-45 minutes, which is why some of our patients have dubbed this procedure a “lunchtime nose job.” Times may vary depending on the number of threads used.

Usually, results are seen immediately after the procedure. However, the final results develop gradually over several weeks as the PDO threads continue to slowly lift underlying tissues, and induce natural collagen production, which enhances skin radiance, texture, definition, and volume in the treated area.

Only one PDO thread lift is required to see results. The more threads that are used, the more dramatic the results will be, which is why a personal consultation is conducted to fully comprehend each patient’s cosmetic goals prior to the procedure.

To maintain results, a nose thread lift procedure can be completed once again after the threads have fully absorbed. Threads typically absorb within 6-10 months, but this can vary due to biological differences between patients.

Even though PDO threads typically dissolve between 6-10 months, the results can last anywhere from 12 months to 2 years, depending on the patient. To maintain results, a PDO lift can be performed again after the first batch of threads have fully dissolved.

There is no downtime after a nose thread lift, unlike with surgical procedures. Patients may be asked to avoid strenuous activity for 48 hours after their procedure, but can otherwise return to normal activities without delay. Patients should also avoid touching the nose too much until the threads have settled into place.

Poor Candidates for A Nose Thread Lift

Those who have a wide nose or severely exaggerated nasal hump may require surgical intervention. Additionally, patients who have breathing problems as a result of internal nasal abnormalities, such as a deviated septum, polyps, or other sinus issues, will not receive relief from a nose PDO lift.

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Miracle worker!

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Breast Augmentation

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Wonderful experience!

Dr. T and his whole staff is absolutely amazing! I had a brazilian $@!#% lift there was no pain whatsoever! Lillian called me regularly before and after surgery just to check in with me, it made me feel extremely good to know that they take time out of their schedule to call patients!

Bianca B.

Cicero, IL

Excellent Job and Very Friendly

I had an appointment with Dr. Tcheupdjian for a feminine procedure. I live in Ohio and found out about their offices online. Everything ran smoothly. Once I got there I was immediately taken back. I received my consultation and felt comfortable enough to continue with my procedure...

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