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Cellfina is an FDA approved procedure that promotes reduction or elimination of unsightly cellulite, mainly dimpling of buttocks and thighs, in a single treatment.

Cellfina spares no woman.

If you’re a woman, you’ll get cellulite at one time or another. Some get it early on in life, even into their teens. Many cellulite myths are common, among them: it’s caused by obesity, or trapped toxins, or poor blood circulation. All false. Cellfina is here to dispel yet another myth: that cellulite is untreatable. Cellfina provides an FDA-approved treatment that offers lasting results after only one treatment. Cellulite is caused by thick connective bands beneath your skin. These bands tighten with time, and this pulling creates tufting and puckering in your subcutaneous fat and skin.

Think of tufted furniture. That’s exactly what happens to your skin. Cellfina aims to release these tightening bands, thus eliminating the tufting and restoring a youthful, smooth appearance of the skin.

Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian

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Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cellfina?

Cellfina is an FDA approved procedure that promotes reduction or elimination of unsightly cellulite, mainly dimpling of buttocks and thighs, in a single treatment.

On which areas of the body can Cellfina be performed?

Anywhere on the body that cellulite is visible, most common dimpling is seen on buttocks and the thighs.

What is the cost of Cellfina?

Treatment costs vary depending on the amount of cellulite present and individual patient needs, desires and goals. Because the treatment is so personalized, we recommend private consultation with one of our CELLFINA-certified staff members. Usually Celfina cost starts at $2900.

Is Cellfina painful?

A local anesthetic, such as lidocaine, is used prior to the procedure so there is no sensation or pain at the time of the Celfina treatment.

How long do the results of Cellfina last?

It’s impossible to put a definite, all-inclusive time table on the results since every patient is different. Results of cellulite improvement after Cellfina may last a lifetime, but at a minimum, expect the results to last at least several year. This is what sets Cellfina apart from other popular cellulite treatments. These other cellulite treatments require constant upkeep treatments for sustained results. With Cellfina, get real results that last in a single treatment.

What other procedures can be done simultaneously that complement Cellfina?

Any one of several cosmetic treatments will complement Cellfina, particularly liposuction, breast augmentation, fat transfer, tummy tuck, radio frequency skin tightening treatments, and more.

What should be expected after a Cellfina procedure?

There is very little to do after the Cellfina treatment other than wearing the provided compression garment for about two weeks and application of the provided home topical treatments.

What products I should use to optimize my Cellfina results?

A good moisturizer should always be used. A must t is a high SPF sunscreen, like Solaris Body. I also recommend my Therapeutic Firming Body Lotion.

What is the Cellfina procedure time?

Again, this depends on the areas being treated, but treatment time will be between 30 and 60 minutes.

How soon can results be noticed?

It may take anywhere from a few weeks to up to nine months to see definite improvement and slow disappearance of the cellulite.

Are there other options to treat cellulite?

Yes, but remember that all other treatments require a series of ongoing treatments for lasting results. Only Cellfina offers long-lasting results, usually lasting several years, sometimes lifetime results.

How many sessions of Cellfina are required?

Usually, only one Cellfina treatment is required to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Is Cellfina FDA approved?

Yes,the Cellfina device and treatment are FDA approved for cellulite reduction.

What is the downtime associated with Cellfina?

None to speak of. Though Cellfina is minimally invasive, we have found most of our patients return back to normal activity the same day. Some patients even return to work the same day, depending on the nature of their professions.

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