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Soft Face Lift & S-Lift

A facelift surgery can help anyone plagued by loose and sagging face skin, hanging of jowls, sagging cheeks, lack of definition of jawline, or for persons just looking to achieve a younger look.

The S-lift – The Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery’s Specialty Face Lift

The goal of a face lift is the rejuvenation of the face, neck and cheeks to decrease the signs of aging. Also known as MACS-lift Short Scar Rhytidectomy, weekend face lift rhytidectomy, complete face lift, LASER facelift, We also invented two other techniques termed “Soft facelift” and the “T-FaceLift,” with each procedure selected to meet the needs and goals of each patient.

Surgical Facelift Methods

  • Surgical removal of redundant and excess sagging skin of the face.
  • Surgical removal of the excess skin of the jowls
  • Improved jawline definition via surgical intervention
  • Tightening of the sagging, loose neck skin
  • Added volume to sunken cheeks

Non-Surgical Facelift Methods

Infographic About Non-Surgical Facelift Methods

  • Vampire Facelift
  • Botox© to relax the wrinkles
  • Filler for tear troughs, deep dents inner lower eyelids, Perlane©, Restylane© or Belotero© or Liquid Facelift
  • Chemical peels, usually TCA acid (trichloroacetic acid), alpha-hydroxy peels, Glycolic acid peels, Jessner peels or modified phenol peels.
  • LASER (Sciton© Erbium) or CO2 (carbon dioxide) Pixel CO2 and UltraPulse Deep FX/Active FX/Total FX to tighten skin of lower and upper eyelids.
  • Radio-frequency energy, including VIORA©, ACCENT©, Thermage©
  • Ultherapy, utilizing the science of focused ultrasound

The Problem:

We live in a youth oriented society. During our initial encounters with other people, we look into each other’s faces, and the longest lasting impression of a sagging, loose, puffy and wrinkled face, with hanging jowls and deep creases, is one that portrays an aging, tired, haggard, sad and defeated face.

The Solution:

A natural look is the key. The difference between a mediocre and an excellent result often has just as much to do with preparation, planning and after-care as with the technical skill of the surgeon. This modern surgical procedure for permanent removal of all excess skin from the face and neck, provides the patient with a natural look, rather than pulling the skin backwards, as most fast and quick-job or even so called classic facelifts tend to do.


The Procedure:

Excessive skin is marked prior surgery. Meticulous removal of excessive skin is accomplished either by laser, electrocautery or sharp scalpel. The excess skin is excised and removed. The deep layers are suspended by plicating, upward-lifting, the entire face and neck. This is accomplished using permanent sutures, which attach to deeper, sturdy structures like deep temporal fascia or periosteum (coverings of bones). The results is restoring the sagging, deeper structures of the facial muscles, fat and fascia to their original youthful positions. The incision is closed meticulously with dissolvable and removable sutures. At times other adjunctive procedures are performed such as autologous (from you to you) stem cell-rich fat transfer from your body to the cheeks, lips, brows and chin, resurfacing lasers, CIT needling, Botox and fillers.

Before Surgery:

Stop all medications including aspirin, blood thinners, herbs, and vitamins, all anti inflammatory medications, fish oils, vitamin E for two weeks before surgery. Alcohol drinking and smoking may contribute to bleeding and delayed healing. If high blood pressure or diabetes exist they must be under proper medication control.

After Surgery:

Rest. No exertion. Sleep with head elevated for few days. No aspirin or other blood thinners. No smoking. Keep the face incisions clean and apply antibiotic ointment if indicated. Keep fingers away and avoid touching and rubbing. Wear a protective scarf when outside to avoid dust. Avoid all makeup, as they are contaminated sources. Wash all glasses well before wearing them.

Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian

Meet Our Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Surgical Facelift The Only Option?

No, A Facelift Can Be Performed Surgically And/or Non-surgically. Since Transformation And Results Arising Out Of The Soft Facelift Combined With Macs Facelift Approach Are Much Longer Lasting, To Us It Is The Best Of All Worlds.

Consequently, We Will Address The Surgical Option On This Page.

Where Is The Facelift Procedure Performed?

Our Esteemed Medical Team Performs Facelift Daily At One Of Our Four Surgical Centers In Chicago, Oak Brook, Naperville And Arlington Heights. Our Facilities Provide A Private And Safe Environment

How Long Will The Facelift Procedure Take?

Expect The Procedure Time To Be About One Hour.

What Type Of Anesthesia Is Used In Conjunction With The Facelift Procedure?

For A Facelift, We Normally Utilize Sedation With Local Lidocaine.

How Many Facelift Procedures Are Necessary For Optimal Results?

Usually Surgical Procedures, Such As The Facelift, Garner Optimal Results After One Procedure, But Adjunctive, Non-surgical Procedures, Such As Fractional Resurfacing Lasers, Chemical Peels, Fat Transfer, Botox And Fillers May Be Repeated If Needed.

Where Are The Incisions Used To Perform A Facelift Placed?

The Incisions Will Start Inside The Sideburn Hairline And Continue Downwards To The Earlobe And Be Concealed Inside The The Ear.

How Long Will The Results Of A Facelift Procedure Last?

Results Are Long Lasting, Usually More Than Ten Years, As Long As Topical Home Treatments As Solaris Day©, Which Is A Daily Moisturizer That Includes Uva Sun Protection. Uva Sun Protectors Should Be Diligently Followed As Prescribed And Periodic Maintenance Of Non-surgical Treatments Such As Botox Are Recommended For Long Lasting Optimal Results.

Will My Fine Wrinkles And Crows Feet Improve With A Facelift?

Typically, A Facelift Targets Loose, Sagging Skin And Eliminates It. While That Approach May Improve Wrinkles, It Is Not The Best Approach For Elimination Of Wrinkles And Crows Feet. That Is Where Botox, Lasers And Chemical Peels Are Particularly Effective.

How Much Downtime Is To Be Expected After A Facelift?

Expect To Rest And Relax For Two-to-four Days Following A Facelift.

What Are The Key Benefits Of A Facelift?

The Facelift Offers A Single, Safe Procedure That Tightens, Lifts And Firms The Skin Of The Face And Neck. A Facelift Can Also Eliminate Jowls And Offer A Return Of A Youthful Jawline.

What Is The Goal Of A Facelift?

The Goal Of The Facelift Is To Enhance Definition Of The Eyelids, Jawline And The Orbital Areas.

Who Does Not Qualify For A Facelift?

Pregnant And Breast Feeding Patients, Those On Blood Thinners And Those With Recent Or Ongoing Infections Will Not Be Candidates For A Facelift.

Are Smokers Candidates For A Facelift?

Excessive Smokers Must Either Stop Smoking Or Reduce Smoking Drastically Before Surgery For An Optimal Result And Prevent Complications, Because Smoking Retards The Body’s Healing System.

What Are Some Of The Risks Associated With A Facelift?

Temporary Bruising, Swelling And Mild Discomfort Are The Most Common Side Effects Of A Facelift. Bleeding, Nerve Damage And/or Infection Can Happen, But To Date We Have Not Experienced Any Of Those Risks.

As A Result Of The Risks And Little Added Benefits Associated With Older Facelift Methods (Extensive Deforming, Visible Scars, High Risk Of Facial Nerve Injury Of The Deep Plane), We Have Chosen The Most Natural Results Of The Soft Facelift And Macs Facelift.

What Does A Facelift Cost?

Expect A Facelift To Cost Between $7500 And $12,000.

What Does A Facelift Consultation Cost?

Facelift Surgery Consultations Are Free At Four Convenient Chicagoland Locations In Chicago’s Gold Coast, Oak Brook, Naperville And Arlington Heights.

What Is A Facelift Surgery For And Who Can Benefit?

A Facelift Surgery Can Help Anyone Plagued By Any Of The Following Problem Areas:

  • Excess, Redundant, Loose And Sagging Face Skin.
  • Elimination Of The Hanging Of Jowls
  • Volumizing The Flattened Sagging Cheeks
  • Better Definition Of Jawline
  • Tighter Youthful And Natural Neck

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