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Breast Implants

Why Breast Implants in Chicago?

Chicago breast implants are the only permanent prosthetic device and method to enhance and beautify breasts. Advances in breast implants make it possible to imitate the soft feel and shape of real breasts. Breast implants can be indicated for both aesthetic and reconstructive purposes.

How long have breast implants have been around?

It might be hard to believe, but breast implants have been around, in one form or another, since the mid-20th century. The first breast enhancements took the form of fat grafting and liquid silicone injections. Silicone gel encasements followed shortly thereafter in the United States. The French then countered with silicone bags filled with saline then implanted into the breast pocket. Today, technological advances have created specially contoured and sized implants (silicone and saline) for every type of patient figure and to meet every patient’s breast enhancement goals.

Which breast implants are best for you?

Today, more breast implant options exist than ever before. Between the materials that comprise the implants, to the profile (depth) of the implant, to the contour of the implant, more than 200 different implants choices meet prospective breast augmentation patients. That can be overwhelming, but the choice basically comes down to five important characteristics of breast implants the patient must understand prior to making a final decision. Our surgeons will assist you with the decision process, but in the end the final decision is up to the patient, especially when it comes to size. Here are the five characteristics of breast implants prospective patients must understand:

  • Contents (Saline versus Silicone)
  • Shape
  • Profile
  • Texture
  • Size

Let’s examine each of these five breast implant characteristics in detail.



Type (Contents)

This refers to the materials that comprise the implants, and their are two main options, Saline or Silicone.


Since 70 percent of the human body is composed of physiologic saline (0.9% sodium in water), saline is a natural and ideal choice to fill a breast implant. This is an obvious advantage for a saline breast implant. Since saline implants are filled after they are injected, saline implants also require a smaller incision than silicone breast implants, which is important to many patients.


Today’s silicone gel implants are comprised of technologically advanced “memory gel” that more realistically mimics the natural consistency of breast tissue. Silicone gel implants will also provide a shapelier look.


Their are two breast implant shape options, either round or teardrop.


Teardrop breast implants are thinner on the top and gently slope to a fuller bottom, giving it that teardrop look. This design may sound like the best choice, but unfortunately we have found them to have serious design flaws. The implant has a potential of flipping upside down on itself or changing polarity during movement, which then requires surgical correction. This is an unnecessary risk in our experience.


Round implants, when in upright position, take a teardrop shape in the body anyway without the risk of flipping upside down. Thus, in the opinion of our medical staff that it’s futile to use a teardrop implant, making round breast implants the most popular and logical choice


Profile of the breast implant refers to the outward, anterior projection of the breast implant. There are a few choices you can make:

Low profile, wider base, less elevation (but rarely used because of lack of anterior projection)

Moderate profile, more elevation, lesser diameter, like the low-profile it is rarely used because of lack of anterior projection

Moderate plus profile, slightly higher elevation than moderate profile, lesser diameter, great choice for full-bodied, wide-chested females but may lead to rippling on thin individuals

Full or profile, higher elevation for more anterior protrusion, but lesser base diameter, used to avoid rippling in most patients

Ultra-high profile, highest elevated implants, most anterior protrusion, less diameter and closest to the shape of a ball, primarily used for correction of rippling


The choice here is between a “smooth implant” or “textured implant.”

Smooth Implants, as the name implies, have a soft, smooth surface feel. Almost 100 percent of our patients choose a smooth implant.

Textured Implants, the surface of the textured implant has rough tiny ridges. The intention of the textured implant was to minimize capsule formation (hardening of the breasts), but with time this proved unsuccessful and fell out of favor


Size of breast implants is a personal preference, but the anatomical limitations can also determine the final size selection. Your surgeon will communicate any anatomical limitations he sees present. We will assist you with samples of multiple breast implant sizes, shapes, textures and profiles that you may insert in your bra to evaluate and achieve your desired breast implant.

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