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Carboxy Therapy Skin Treatment

Carboxy Skin Treatment in Chicago

Carboxy therapy is a sophisticated, non-surgical, procedure performed in a physician’s office. It is a form of Mesotherapy, but unlike mesotherapy, and instead of a liquid cocktail injection of medications or nutrients, vitamins under the skin, carboxy therapy uses carbon-dioxide gas (CO2) warmed to the body temperature. Why? To create a detachment and subcision of the subcutaneous (under the skin) connective tissue layers. The result is improvement of peripheral micro-circulation under the skin, or deeper layers, and structures depending on how deep it is injected.

What can be treated with carboxy therapy? (Aesthetic and Cosmetic)

  • Stretch marks
  • Dark circles
  • Localized fat reduction
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Skin tightening

There are many other uses of carboxy therapy:

  • Loose skin Laxity
  • Horizontal neck lines reduction
  • Facial Acne Scars
  • Acne scars on the chest
  • Burn scars
  • Wrinkle reduction of the lower eyelids
  • Facial and neck wrinkle reduction
  • Sluggish local circulation in vascular conditions, such as diabetes

Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carboxy therapy new?

Carboxy therapy not new. It is a medical science that was discovered in France more than 70 years ago. It was popularized by Spanish and South American physicians in the past four decades. They treated various vascular conditions where blood supply was compromised. In the last 30 years, with advent of newer delivery systems and devices, it has been used in the cosmetic field for various non-surgical aesthetic conditions.

Is carboxy therapy safe?

Yes, carboxy therapy is an FDA approved, safe treatment. It has been practiced in Europe, Japan, Asia and North America for many decades. Carboxy-therapy is an FDA approved treatment.

Is there down time?

There is no down time.

How is it done ?

It is a non-surgical procedure where CO2 gas is slowly injected with a specialized needle into the specific layers of the skin and below the skin into an area called the “sub-cutaneous” spaces.

Does it hurt?

The treatments are not painful. “Pain sensitive” patients may experience some discomfort. We provide a diversion for these patients, and they do well without the need for pain medications or anesthesia.

How long are the treatments?

Twenty to thirty minutes.

What are the contraindications?

Pregnancy or patients on blood thinning drugs, such as in Heparin or Coumadin. Low dose Aspirin users are okay.

How many treatments do I need?

More than one for sure. Individual variations of skin, subcutaneous blood supply, connective tissue and fat cellular properties, in addition to genetic factors, vary among individuals. Depending on the purpose of treatment, your age and health condition, it may take 5-15 treatments.

Does it help stretch marks?

Yes. Facial stretch marks improvement will be seen, especially in younger women after a rapid spurt of growth, after puberty and/or after pregnancy.

You have dark circles under your eyes, can it help?

Yes. Dark circles under the eyes are hereditary, and carboxy therapy may improve them dramatically. Carboxy therapy improves the blood supply in the region of the lower eyelids, which reduces the appearance of these dark circles under the eyes.

Does carboxy help fat reduction?

For localized fat reduction we always recommend liposuction at our Institute. But as an alternative to liposuction, and only for those patients who are not capable or not willing to go through anesthesia and a surgical operations, we will recommend carboxy therapy as an alternative.

How does it help fat reduction?

The exact mechanism is not known, but we believe carboxy therapy exerts its effects by way of dilatation of the blood vessels, in addition to traumatizing of the fat cells by the combined and synergistic effect of pressure and compression.

Does carboxy therapy help wrinkles of the face?

Yes. It is a form of anti-aging therapy as a result of enhancing peripheral tissue perfusion and oxygenation. It is also a method of detachment and reposition (re-draping of the skin in youthful position).

As mentioned above, it is the “detaching an re-draping process,” in addition to the vascular dilatation that helps the skin laxity and sagging of the connective tissue and skin of the body.

Is carboxy therapy, carbon-dioxide, toxic or dangerous?

No. Carboxy therapy is carbon dioxide (CO2). It is not toxic. It is not dangerous or harmful. It is carbon dioxide, which is naturally produced by all your cells in our bodies every day. It is a product of respiration and normal metabolism. CO2 is transported by the blood and exhaled.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are minimal and self limiting, such as discomfort, bruising at the injection site or crackling sensation under the skin. They disappear and resolve very quickly.

Are there any precautions after carboxy therapy session?

Avoid baths or swimming pools for four hours after carboxy therapy, especially cold water baths for four hours after the treatment.

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