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Also known as HRT Hormonal replacement therapy in men and women: Regain your youth. Live longer, happier, longer, leaner and stronger. Look younger.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

We like to call it bioidentical hormonal optimization, rather than replacement therapy. Hormonal optimization is the science of diagnosing and treating any aging related hormonal imbalance via a series of laboratory tests and formulating a careful response to the results of these tests.

At what age do hormones decline?

Our hormones may decline anytime after the age of 30-35 years old, but they most commonly start declination around menopause in women and after the age of 35 in men. Genetic factors also influence hormonal decline.

What hormones decline with age?

Almost all hormones decline with age, and that subsequently diminishes many youthful bodily functions, youthful appearance and causes turgor of our skin. The skin sags. The face starts to deflate. Wrinkles start to appear.

Why does cortisol increase with age?

Stress upregulates adrenal cortisol production, eventually leading to adrenal exhaustion. This spiral significantly impairs our ability to deal with stress and further adrenal fatigue.

Why hormonal optimization?

The goal is to optimize and restore the hormonal imbalance by utilizing bioidentical natural hormones, to maintain youthful bodily functions and to slow down the aging process and its associated degenerative changes. If you add adrenal fatigue, poor diet, sedentary life, alcohol, smoking and unavoidable environmental toxins (pesticides) to the aging formula, the outcome will be accelerated aging signs and symptoms.

What is the first step? where do I start?

  • The initial one hour or longer consultation and detailed history
  • Laboratory examination
    -Blood tests
    -24-hour urine tests
  • Discussion of the test results and treatment plan
  • Treatment may be oral nutrition supplements
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Nutritional and dietary counseling
  • Exercise prescription
  • Hormonal optimization with bioidentical compounded hormones in form of creams, pallets, injections and/or pills.
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Who benefits from BHRT Bioidentical hormone optimization?

Both men and women who suffer from:

Weight gain, especially around the abdomen, waist and the hips
Decline in youthful metabolism
Decline of libido and sexual desire
Decline of quality of orgasm
Decline in eyesight
Decline of hearing
Fatigue, low energy
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Mood swings
Insomnia restless sleep
Inability to fall asleep

Risk of osteoporosis and fractures
Foggy brain
Declining memory and frequent senior moments
Risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Fibromyalgia and body aches
Recurrent yeast infections
Vaginal dryness
Vaginal odor

Vaginal itching
Urinary incontinence
Risk of uterine and endometrial cancer
Risk of breast cancer
High levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides
Abdominal bloating and gas
Hair changes, hair thinning, and hair loss

Poor circulation
Increased body hair
Frequent urination
Diminished self confidence and decline of self esteem
Painful intercourse
Panic attacks
Strange dreams
Recurrent urine and bladder infections
Headaches and migraines
Lower back pain

Aching heels, ankles, wrists and shoulders
Tender breasts
Dizzy spells
Varicose veins
Declining physical strength
Declining physical and emotional endurance
Skin sagging, looseness and appearance of wrinkles on the face and eyes
Loss of youthful muscle tone

Early signs of male hormonal decline (andropause) are usually a result of testosterone decline and testosterone resistance due to increase of SHBG. Most men will report that “the tiger in me is gone.” The most common male signs of andropause are as follows:

Weight gain around the waist
Muscle volume loss evident in decline of arm circumference
Erectile difficulty, inability to maintain erection for sustained period of time
Weak erection
Decline of ejaculation
Fatigue and need to sit down rather than stand
Restless sleep and restless leg syndrome
Memory decline
Irritability and panic attacks
Hair thinning and hair loss
Loss of self esteem and youthful self confidence

How do I know if i have adrenal exhaustion of adrenal fatigue?

Waking up unrested and tired
Disrupted sleep with strange dreams
Mood swings
Anxiety, depression, and/or panic attacks
Increased susceptibility to infections
Feeling tired mid day
Resorting to coffee or other stimulants to stay awake during the day
Wanting to sleep after dinner
Poor tolerance and avoidance of stressful situations
Sudden craving for sweets, carbohydrates and salty foods
Allergies to things you were never allergic to before
Cold temperature intolerance

Hormones Used:

Keeps allergic reactions to a minimum
Keeps inflammatory response low
Keeps blood vessels strong
Maintains healthy blood pressure
Keeps metabolism strong
Increases energy
Helps cope with trauma and stress

Maintains bone strength
Keeps a sense of well-being
Increases libido
Keeps energy level high
Builds muscle tone

Fights off osteoporosis
Maintains heart health
Minimizes risk of certain cancers (endometrial, breast, fibrocystic breast cancer)
Provides menopausal relief
Maintains blood sugar level and thyroid function
Keeps the mind calm

Increases pain tolerance
Provides menopausal symptom relief
Enhances mental focus, memory, communication, sensory function, libido, digestion
Maintains optimal bone strength, heart health, colon health, tooth health and urinary health.

Prevents wrinkles
Promotes weight loss
Aids in healing burns
Fights off stress
Enhances energy, libido and memory
Protects body from diseases like heart disease, diabetes, lupus, arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis

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