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What To Ask During Your Consultation With A Leading Plastic Surgeon In Chicago

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

At the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we pride ourselves on partnering every patient with a skilled, trained, and experienced plastic surgeon in Chicago. Our team of physicians has mastered an extensive range of cosmetic and plastic surgeries so our patients receive optimal results. While we are confident that we have the best plastic surgeons in Chicago, we firmly believe that our patients need to feel comfortable with their chosen physician before moving forward. That’s why we always schedule consultations with each patient; it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know your chosen plastic surgeon in Chicago.

What’s the best way to get to know your chosen physician during your consultations? Come prepared with a list of questions relevant to your needs and specific surgery. Asking your physicians questions about the procedure is the best way to build trust, comfort and rapport with your chosen plastic surgeon in Chicago.

Which Questions Should You Ask Your Plastic Surgeon In Chicago

Here at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we understand that moving forward with a procedure can feel like a lot to digest. Some of our patients may have a hard time putting together a list of questions before their scheduled consultation; that’s why we offer the following suggested inquires. When meeting with your doctor, consider asking:

How many times have your performed my procedure? At the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we firmly believe that nothing can replace actual hands-on experience performing a specific surgery. All of our physicians have the extensive training and experience needed to master each specific procedure.

Which incision approaches do you use? Most patients don’t realize that different surgeries may use various incision approaches. Our physicians all use various surgery approaches to ensure that we are best prepared to select the right incision technique based on the individual patient’s needs (surgery has artistic elements that must be mastered with each procedure).

Will a particular surgery approach work better for me? Knowing the approaches your plastic surgeon in Chicago uses is just part of the whole answer. You’ll also want to know which approach will be used on you and why so you can feel comfortable with the whole process.

Do you recommend saline or silicone for me? For our breast augmentation patients, it’s important to thoroughly discuss saline and silicone options as well as outline the specific benefits of each.

Will there be other medical staff assisting with my procedure? At the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we have an entire staff of trained professionals who may help out in various capacities throughout your surgery. We would love to help you get to know the team that you’ll be working with.

Are there before and after pictures of my surgery? Yes. At the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we are happy to share all of our surgery experience with you because we know firsthand that seeing is believing. We have an entire catalog of before and after pictures performed by our physicians. Looking through our pictures is the perfect way for you to get an up close look at the results and experience you can expect when teaming with us.


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