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Cosmetic Surgery Patients in Chicago Want Patience, and We Understand That

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

Schedule your cosmetic surgery with us, and you’ll get the patience you deserve

A while back I had a consultation with a young woman who scheduled a multiple area liposuction at our practice. It was a decision she made confidently, because she learned during her consultation the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute has unmatched experience when it comes to liposuction, having been one of the pioneer liposuction practices with more than forty years of experience.  She trusted me implicitly and really felt great about her decision and how it was going to not only change her appearance, but also increase her self-esteem. This is normal for many of my patients.  Her surgery was scheduled for about four weeks later, and like so many of my patients, even after scheduling the liposuction, she called our office with several questions, inquiries and comments regarding her upcoming surgery.

Ask questions about cosmetic surgery, and we’ll answer them (that’s why we’re here)

These phone calls covered many of the things we had covered in her consultation and that we were definitely going to cover again during her pre-operative visit. The questions covered everything from anesthesia to the post-surgical garment.  We work with patient consultants who are experienced in all aspects of cosmetic surgery … before, during and after the procedure.  Our doctors have carefully trained these consultants to act as a patient-doctor liaison.

In my four decades of working with patients, I understand the fears that come with cosmetic surgery, as with any other surgery. I get how much anxiety the word surgery means to our patients. That being said, it’s why I emphasize the importance of being patient with our patients.  We realize the more our patients understand about their procedures, the more secure they feel about the experience and the results they can expect.  Our consultants have the benefit of my more than 40 years of experience, which plays an important role in their careful and specific training. Our consultants understand that our patients need time, answers and comfort as they prepare for their procedures.  Whether you are going to our Gold Coast office in Chicago, or Oak Brook, Arlington Heights or Naperville, you will always find a great team ready and willing to help you physically and emotionally through the big life step that is cosmetic surgery in Chicago.

We care about you before, during and after surgery

Understand that we are there for our patients prior to the procedure, during the procedure, and after the surgery, but occasionally we will need a little patience from our patients as well.  We assemble an experienced, sizeable surgical team for each cosmetic surgery. We ensure we have the latest technologies available for each cosmetic surgery. Between the surgeon, the team and the technology, we strive to help you achieve your ultimate goal, whatever that might be (appearance, self-esteem, a gateway to a healthy diet and exercise program, etc.) We have proven this to thousands of happy patients throughout the years…it is for this reason that we have a thriving, healthy practice full of happy patients and the patience they have given me and my staff.

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