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Hollywood Award Season = Ultherapy Season

Published by Leon Tcheupdjian

Hollywood award season – red carpets, designers and Ultherapy

Every year when Hollywood enters award season, we sit and watch our favorite stars pose for the cameras on red carpet after red carpet. We hear the talking heads break down who’s wearing what designer and give out their best and worst dressed awards.

I sit and watch and can’t help but think, in addition to the designer dress or tuxedo, the stars look their best because they have access to the latest, most technological advanced treatments at their local med spa. I would love to share my skills and technologies with the stars, but I oversee a medical spa in Chicago, four of them to be exact in Chicago, Naperville, Arlington Heights and Oak Brook. And the stars, most of them anyway, don’t live in Chicago. But if you’re reading this, odds are you do, and I have great news for you. Everything the stars have in Hollywood, I have here for you right here in your backyard.

Take Ultherapy for example, the breakthrough non-surgical skin tightening modality that uses simple ultrasound waves to provide a non-invasive solution for patients with sagging and loose skin on the neck and face. The results we’ve seen in our office have truly been remarkable when you consider the treatment requires no incision, no surgery, no downtime.

Ultherapy … Courtney Cox’s award season beauty secret revealed

And here we are, smack in the middle of reward season in Hollywood, and we finally have a star admitting that she visits her med spa to prepare for award season. Entertainment Tonight recently featured a clip featuring Courtney Cox and how she turned to Ultherapy in an effort to maintain her beauty as she reaches age 50. Watch the clip below.

As the clip mentions, one of the best effects of the Ultherapy treatment is the way it stimulates collagen growth, which means you’ll continue to see developing results four-to-six months post-treatment. As you age, you continually lose that vital collagen in your dermis. The ultrasound technology used in Ultherapy stimulates new collagen growth to fight off the signs of aging.

You don’t have to travel to Hollywood for Ultherapy, we have it right here

So, remember, you don’t have to visit Hollywood to get the same kind of beauty treatments the stars get this award season. We can help you, give you the same treatments they enjoy right here in your neighborhood.

To schedule an appointment to learn more about Ultherapy, or another treatment at our med spa, like Botox, dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Belotero , or Cool Sculpting, the new non-surgical fat reduction system, plus so much more, call us at 847.259.1000, send us an email at, or click here to fill out our online form.

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