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Temporal hollow correction

Temporal hollow correction and augmentation in Chicago

What is temporal hollow correction and how is it done?

Temporal hollowness and indentation usually show up at the sides of your head just in front of your hairline when you reach your 40s or 50s. As you run your fingers down the sides of your head in front of your ears you might feel an indentation. This area is referred to as the “temporal hollow” or the “temple.” Some patients think it gives them a skeletal, aged look. This can be easily corrected by injecting the temples with dermal fillers, which can consist of hyaluronic acid, bio-stimulating volumizers like Sculptra or Radiesse, micro-fat injections, or PRP (platelet rich plasma). Any of these products are intended to correct and volumize the indentation and unsightly scalloping of the temporal hollowness.

How long does using facial filler to correct temporal hollowness take?

The procedure usually takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.

How soon can results be noticed?

You’ll notice results immediately, and depending on the filler used, results can continue to improve in the weeks following the procedure.

How many sessions are required to correct temporal hollowness?

Different fillers can last different amounts of time, but for normal visible results, most patients treat the temples about twice per year.

How much downtime is associated with filling the temples with dermal filler?

None, since this is a non-surgical filler. When fat is utilized, the fat must be extracted surgically and prepared prior to injection into the temples. This procedure may result in one or two days of healing and recovery.

How many syringes of fillers do I need?

In most cases one or two syringes of dermal fillers will suffice, but it’s important to remember that each patient is different. This means you may need more or less than friends or family who may have had the same procedure done.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is usually painless since most dermal fillers are formulated to include lidocaine, which is a mild anesthetic that numbs the injection area as it’s treated.

How long does it last or stay?

Again, most patients are treated twice per year. However, since the temporal area experiences less facial contraction and movement than the rest of the face, fillers in the temples may last longer than the customary six months.

What does filling the temporal hollowness cost?

Expect these fillers to cost about $750 to $900 per syringe. Syringe fees vary depending on the product used. Your provider will be able to best recommend the product for your particular face.

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